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immer wenn Vasya Änderungen vorschlägt, bekomme ich Angst.

"I propose moving towards simplification and visualization by introducing a new general rule for the visibility of fleets.
Presence coordinates.
If there is any of our objects at the coordinates (planet, aster, satellite), we see ALL fleets flying to or from these coordinates."

Dann haben Spieler die den Officer Emperor gekauft haben, den umsonst gekauft?
Phalanx wird dann nicht mehr gebraucht?
Die grossen Angriffsspieler bewegen dann nur noch ihre OPS durch die Gegend und bekommen einfach alle Flotten der kleinen Spieler?

"Consider a similar rule for the crust fleet."

Was soll das bedeuten??

"In addition, it is proposed to remove SAB in premium to reduce the number of missions and introduce auto-recycling of scrap if there are recycling units on the cores, including during battle."

Was ist SAB?

Warum immer irgendetwas wegnehmen ohne Kompensation?
Ich weiss nicht, wieviel von deinem Einkommen aus Premium Accounts stammt.
Aber Du solltest bedenken, dass man Premium einfach auch monatlich kündigen kann.
Sprich wenn Du etwas wegnimmst, solltest Du dich immer Fragen, ob die Spieler dann auch eine Kompensation dafür wollen.
Topic: 2 x Crazy Promotion | 22 April 2024 09:45:20
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Today I saw that 2x Crazy promotion is online

First I must say, that I like promotions normally.

But the 2 x Promo of Xcraft is a joke

1.) with something where time is important I expect to get an email or a pop-up in the game before the promo starts.

2.) in my example above the prices in the shop are currently

114 Mio Metall = 561 HC + 45 HC
56 Mio Mineral = 712 HC + 92 HC
37 Mio Vespene = 719 HC + 54 HC

The offer is 2465 HC which is more than buying the resources in the shop.

In a promo the customers expect to get something cheaper than normal...............

The question now is:

- are the admins of Xcraft of Xcraft weak in Math ?

- or do the admins of Xcraft think that we the customers are idiots who cannot calculate simple Math ?

I guess the second answer is right.

No reason to invest money in a project which not values its customers
Topic: OPS На 90% меньше сырья | 22 April 2023 09:53:06
Message #36
Most of the current changes are negative for the players.

None of the changes have an explanation for why they are necessary.

So I ask here:

1.) RedBarmaley
20 Apr 2023 20:18:49
The production bonus of network stations is reduced from 25% to 10%

Why ?

2.) UncleanOne
19 Apr 2023 15:08:40
Pirate fleet sizes increased by 25%.

That would be nice. But there are almost no pirates anymore.
And the ones I see are 99% very small pirates. So you increased the size of very small pirates by 25%

Why were pirates reduced ?

3.) 🐞ymnik
11 Apr 2023 13:53:31
Battles are accelerated by 2 times (change of round duration from 50 to 25 seconds).

why ?

4.) UncleanOne
11 Apr 2023 13:46:27
Debris when destroying an object has been reduced from 10% to 1%.


5.) UncleanOne
10 Apr 2023 16:57:56
Teleportation Gate fuel consumption increased from 1 FC per 25k ukm to 1 FC per 10k ukm.


6.) RedBarmaley
5 Apr 2023 21:27:53
The bonus percentage of statistic medals has been reduced by 5 times.


7.) RedBarmaley
30 Mar 2023 17:16:47
The price of a experimental research has been increased from 10 to 12 crystals


These are just a few of the "bad" novelties in the last month.

All against the players.

And I see little resistance here in the Senate.

This game is getting worse every day. It doesn't make sense anymore to invest money here.
Topic: Piarate rate dropped | 11 April 2023 12:51:56
Message #35
not only are there literally no pirates anymore.

They also forgot to boost the production for one day for the project's birthday.

Vasya is getting every day more greedy. ( see also for example higher price for experimentals )

It makes no sense anymore to invest money in this game.
Topic: Beprotis Banned | 22 November 2022 18:59:18
Message #34
beprotis was banned because of

5.1. Sitting is prohibited. It is forbidden to transfer your game account to another person or receive someone else's account. If you want to take a break from the game, use the vacation mode.

How can this cheat have affected his performance against UN and SusiS ?

What kind of cheating of beprotis was reported by SusiS before ?

beprotis has 202 Battle Experience. Does SusiS want, that all his victims get compensation too or just she and UN ?

My question is: Why is beprotis just banned for one year ? Normally the bans were up to 10 years when I remember right.
Message #33

Running away from the Russians is not an option I think.
Let me explain the reasons:

1.) Hiding 3.000 Systems away and just hunting pirates (which dont really shoot back) is boring.

2.) UN has built a nice infrastructure like planets, shop, gates, Alliance Stations which cannot be moved.

3.) The crazy Russians attack you after some time anyway

What UN should do ( and I think they are already doing it ) is to go after the infrastructure of CZT:

- attack every Terran planet and kill the Solar Sats
- attack every Asteroid of CZT
- steal OPS from CZT
- destroy CZT Alliance stations
- destroy CZT gates

all what the Russians normally describe as service attacks.

It's like in the Ukraine war. The Russians are way ahead in Weapons and Numbers. But the much smaller Ukraine forces can hurt them every day and demoralize them.
CZT are not all warriors, most of them are miners and farmers.
When you hit their infrastructure, you can probably force a draw after some time
Message #32
I don't like the concept of the "Service Fleet" cannot be attacked. The big Alliances use it to protect their stuff.
But when they want to attack someone they do what they want.
For example One of their players leave the Alliance for a while and is doing the service attacks.
Then he returns. When you complain then the answer is: The player was not in the Alliance. Not our fault.

Additionally: This is a Strategy game - not a game for pacifists. When you prohibit all kinds of attacks, the only way for a fight is to wait until someone forgets to save his fleet.
Very boring in my opinion.

Asteroids: Common agreement is not to touch Asteroids. But the big Alliances don't care and use the same trick as mentioned above.

OPS: the same

In my view: When the game mechanics allow an attack, the attack should be ok.
All these unwritten rules only protect the big alliances and they do whatever they want to attack the small Alliances or players without Alliance.

I would propose a new general rule: The Top 10 Alliances should not be able to make pacts with each other.
This would make the game more interesting. Currently, this game is way too corrupt.
Topic: Планетарный потрошитель | 17 July 2022 23:57:07
Message #31
Will this change be implemented ?

If yes: when?
Topic: SPECIAL planet for Diehard | 28 December 2021 11:55:25
Message #30
Moving the quest planet Arrakis from coordinates 7: 1: 1 to 500: 500: 1
The ability to capture Arrakis according to the rules for capturing asteroids has been activated.

Why do you not fly there and take the Planet from him ?

According to the new rule change, this should be possible?
Topic: HH alliance | 7 May 2021 15:06:39
Message #29

you've forgot to mention that the big alliances then cry like babies, when you do the same to them.

There are many ways, you can hurt big alliances:

- attack and steal their OPS
- attack and steal their asteroids
- attack service fleet
- destroy alliance stations with Dunkleos
- destroy Gates with Dunkleos
Of course they can do the same to your alliance then.

All these attacks are valid attacks according to the game rules by Vasya.
But the Russians have some sort of agreement that these things should not be done.
This agreement I call the unwritten rules.

A favorite trick of the Russians is then this:

- they leave their alliance
- they do the "dirty" attack to you
- you claim the dirty attack with their alliance leader
- alliance leader says: player is not in my alliance
- attacker after some time rejoins his alliance

When a player of a small alliance is doing the same: they react like in your screen shots
Topic: Premium subscription and new tosses station | 27 June 2020 15:33:07
Message #28

A typical Vasya cheat.
On the website they advertise with USD 18 for premium.
The real costs - as you see in the screenshot are about 24 Euro with Paypal.

Why no fasterpay for Premium ?
Topic: Limit the power and abuse of big alliances | 18 October 2018 15:34:15
Message #27

I would also propose these changes:

- players cannot change alliance every 7 days, but only every 6 months

-  all 3 accounts of one player ( Terran, Xerj and Toss ) must be in the same alliance  or cannot be in different alliances.
Topic: Limit the power and abuse of big alliances | 29 September 2018 21:33:33
Message #26
Currently, we have an unpleasant situation in this game.
The top alliances are ruling the game and bullying the smaller alliances. They can do this because they don't fight each other.
Before we had 2 big parties, which were enemies. That was much better for the smaller alliances.

Ideas to solve the problem:

-  the top 10 alliances are not allowed to have NAPs or PACs with each other. Existing NAPs are automatically canceled by the system each day when both alliances are in the Top 10.

- each alliance is limited to a maximum of 5 NAPs and 5 PACs

-  the server should charge a tax on production from each member of an alliance, depending on how big the alliance is.
   for example:

   0 - 100 members:   no tax
   101 - 200 members:  5% tax
   201 - 300 members:  10% tax
   301+ members:  15% tax

This would limit the power of the big alliance and provide a fairer game.
Topic: Buildings can be increased | 29 September 2018 06:14:41
Message #25
How can Russian programmers always produce such crap?
Topic: New premium kit "First Flagship" | 28 August 2018 20:25:08
Message #24

1.)  Victoria will say:   Its not a bug.

Logic:   experiencend player dont buy this crap for inflated prices. So Vasyas target group are clearly the new players.  

Welcome in Vasyas world.

Do you understand such easy logical thinking ?

2.)  OMG. You pissed off Stein ?

      Really ?

      Huge error.

      Well - she has a bestiary. I don't.  And she told me that she receives no HC.  And I believe her ...................

3.)  I am tempted now to visit you with my baby Toss.

      Just a friendly visit to show the players here how easily a tutor can be destroyed -  jajajajaja
Topic: New premium kit "First Flagship" | 28 August 2018 20:09:57
Message #23

I'm pretty sure that you will make an "Arschkriecher" Request to ban me here.
I don't care.

1.)  As I can see these Flagship offers are available for new players. And as said, that's exactly the group which is targeted by Vasya.

2.)  Text of fees in bestiary.
      I've told you to ask Stein. She will explain you.
     Are you able to read what I write?

But I see you are running out of logical arguments.  So we better stop here. I think everything is said.
Topic: New premium kit "First Flagship" | 28 August 2018 19:30:56
Message #22

again wrong argumentation and no idea of how the game works.

You remind me of some idiots in Venezuela who still defend Chavez / Maduro socialism, although the people in the country with the highest oil reserves are starving..........

Gas station / Supermarket:

yes. they buy things cheaper and sell it for higher prices.  But they don't make "special offers" where they sell the potatoes for prices 3 x higher than normal in the hope to find the idiot of the day

Flagships to players < 25k:

- these are the people Vasya is targeting.  None of the experienced players will buy these overpriced flagships from Vasya.
  So whats your point?

- as hear that you are a tutor  ( omg -  these poor players who select you ):

   I agree that small players should wait with converting their medals into flagships until they are more experienced.
   But there is one thing they can do with some of them:   cheap fleetsave 
   Are you teaching them how to do this?

-  Commission fees:
    you can apply for a new green medal.  The text is wrong.  The HC go directly to Vasya. Ask Stein.

-  Prices in bestiary:

    Of course, he does it with an algorithm and not per hand. But in the end, he determines the prices.

It's really interesting how "Arschkriechers" change facts to support their argumentation.......................
Topic: New premium kit "First Flagship" | 28 August 2018 18:53:09
Message #21

it looks like you are a bigger Idi...ot than I thought.
Or in German we call it  "Arschkriecher".   Perhaps to get more green medals  ???    jajajaja

Prices in bestiary:    

They cannot be destroyed. They are determined by the fees which Vasya charges. And these fees are directly for him.

If Vasya really wants to support new players he could:

- offer the items 20% cheaper than in the bestiary

- only to players < 25k points

- limited to 2 items per player
This would be a fair offer.  Or what do you think?

Supporting the project:

this is a purely commercial project. Not an open source project or a non-profit organization.

It's the same as a Gas Station or a Super Market or Microsoft Corporation.

With your stupid argumentation, you would need also to

- pay triple prices at the gas station "to support the project"
- pay triple prices at the supermarket "to support the project"

- pay triple prices for Microsoft Software "to support the project"

Are you doing this?

I guess not.

So the motivation behind

- Vasya's offer is to get more money for him

- you defending him is to get more "Arschkriecher" medals

Topic: New premium kit "First Flagship" | 28 August 2018 15:18:22
Message #20

sorry - but when you believe the lies of the admins, you are an idi----t.

Vasya and his villains want more money.  They think the players are idiots - so they try to get some idiots to pay triple (or higher prices) for flagships.
Waiting for items of the bestiary is no problem.
Just plan a little ahead.

Apparently, Vasya's Russian street hookers have raised the prices for him again. So he tries to get more money from us.

Vasya uses always the same tricks to get players money.

With the time you will know them.
The biggest joke is that the number of items is limited.  He says more or less:  I want to trick you. But not for all your money. jajajaja

So - when you want a flagship:   Buy it in the bestiary for normal prices.

Don't buy from Vasya if you don't want to support Vasya's street whore addiction.

And for beginners:  Don't buy a flagship at all. The Russians are only waiting that you have one. And then they destroy it - which is easy for them.
So for beginners, Vasya's offer is double tricky.

And corrupt like he is, it is possible that he sells the information who bought such "cheap flagships" to his Russian friends.
Then they don't need to search much and he gets an extra blowjob.
Topic: Vasya and admins again stealing from players | 18 July 2018 18:25:46
Message #19
Yesterday I still got 90% resources back for destroying 1 level of alliance station on a planet.
Today this was lowered to 10%.  Without notice again. At least without notice to English speaking players.

The 90% was originally implemented to compensate players for the change of alliance stations from planets to stations.

Where is my compensation now ??

Is Vasya again stealing from his players?

What kind of psychological damage do you have, so that you need always to take away from other people ???