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Topic: Why is the simulator so unreliable? | 27 April 2019 20:37:12
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          You should not trust the simulator. Simulators always gives different results. It is random. So you need to send more fleet to pirates. If simulator says 10 destroyers is okay for battle. You can send 15 destroyers. I have got officer Coach 3. - For example, simulator gave me this false result ; And, I forgot to send a little more fleet to pirate. As a result, I lost my space wanderer after the battle;
         Also if you will attack to xerj, you should send one fighter to pirate, firstly. Because there might be scourge. The only way to detect these invisible mines. You can send the fleet after you find out if scourge exists.
Два раза я пожертвовал для офицеров. Я заплатил реальные деньги адмиралу, инженеру, геологу, параноидальным офицерам. Но теперь ты взял это у меня. 4 офицеров уровня отсутствуют. Вы не можете изменить наши платные услуги. Здесь нет стабильности. Вы действительно думаете, что люди снова инвестируют?
Topic: Menu Fleet cannot warn about enemy on coordinates | 3 February 2017 23:43:47
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This new "Innovation" cost me very badly. I lost all my entire fleet. When I attacking the pirate, the enemy fleet come to the coordinates without any enemy warning. It is not fair. When I defeat the strong pirate, I already lost quarter of my fleet. Then, I won the battle against the bot. And I will start to harvest. But one cunning enemy comes after the pirates gone. I am not equal this enemy. And he attacked my fleet. I am not detect to this enemy attack. The outlaw gamer has got no respect. I am very pissed. This flight system must warn me before attacking fleets come to me. There was millions of debris from my fleet. But I have nothing to collect them. Then Another guy realize my situation. He attacked my planets. Metal and mineral mines contaminated by him. My defense fall... Huge amount of time wasted in this game. I thought to purchase good amount of Hydarian Crystals for attacking this cunning enemy.  But one moment of clarity, is it a wise decision for going to play this unfair nonsense? Because I should play Starcraft 2 Legacy Of The Void with 20$. So I gave up.