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Topic: Teleportation gate energy consumption | 18 February 2023 14:24:55
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Wtf -.- again and again Bullshit
Topic: general complaint | 1 November 2021 14:04:55
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guys, you're really being ridiculous. How often have you reduced the gate range in the last few weeks, then increased it again and reduced it again?

1 Nov 2021 13:48:40
Increased the degree of depletion from 0.99 to 1.1.
1 Nov 2021 13:28:27
The maximum teleportation distance of the Teleportation Gate has been reduced from 25k to 10k dm per level, the price increase coefficient has been reduced from 2 to 1.8.

anyone who still invests money in the game could just as easily burn the money.
Your behavior towards the players and therefore towards your customers is abhorrent
Topic: the system of aggression | 15 October 2020 20:43:25
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i think the aggression system needs to be changed. it is like killfast said in another topic (see end of post). it is no longer playable.
i now need 2 novas for a death star. where is the ratio here, please? also does it take years until the aggression is down to zero again? I understand why you introduced this, but players are punished here because they play and at the same time it makes the game impossible for these players. finally reconsider

Here even the admis calculates how long a high aggresion needs to fall:
Topic: general complaint | 28 June 2020 21:06:57
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hello people, unfortunately I have to express my displeasure again. In the course of the week a lot was changed for the worse, unfortunately you have to say as always. some flagships have been extremely slowed down, so that you have to invest more and more time in this game and once again achieve less in this time. Many flagships have meanwhile become so slow that I do not have enough personal time to call the fleet out of the expedition, start an attack and save everything again. so it is hardly possible to generate fuel costs for it. At the same time, one is dependent on the large flagships, which meanwhile the aggression of the pirates is endless.
the exchange of resources for fuel also became ridiculously expensive. recently it was 10%, now it is 25%. aren't you trying to keep the game in balance at balanc? but an increase of 250% is simply sick.
I understand that you want to take money and thus have introduced the premium accout, but why does the ripper get no bonuses for an alliance station, network or planetoid? i also thought that the toss was finally able to produce resources to cover its own amortization costs. but unfortunately I was disappointed here too.
there are also huge connection problems when you are active on your cell phone. connecting to the app or via the browser has been almost impossible for some time

it would be nice if you take my words to heart and don't destroy the game anymore and make it playable, because the development looks like it means pay to play. at the same time, no one has the time to play this game as the changes keep slowing down.
Topic: Announcement: collision with fleets in orbit | 14 May 2020 10:14:22
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Quote: UncleanOne
(I understand that players are still bitter about all the nerfs coming seemingly at random, but I suggest having a constructive dialog about the developed feature. We got quite a lot of good questions from ru-forum already, so we'll post an update with more info after we process that feedback.)
when most of the players are against this shooter change and at the same time your customers are too. why do you want to enforce the change so imperatively?
I understand that the 3D is overloaded with the current fleet sizes etc. of the servers. but why does that have to be?
it is difficult to give feedback when you come online every day and get the next low blow. Currently something is changed every day that the game is only more expensive and unplayable. e.g. the current change that the resource exchange now costs 15% fee and thus became 50% more expensive.
I know you can talk to you. and I am glad that you are reporting here in the forum. but the changes piss on everyone. it is no wonder that the mood here is very tense

for feedback: forget about the change to the shooter and allow your customers to play or they will run away. I know enough people who have already stopped because of that
Topic: Announcement: collision with fleets in orbit | 13 May 2020 21:48:07
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I can only agree. it is absolute nonsense.
rather change the game again so that it is playable and does not constantly bring out brain-torn changes.
your change to the mines is still absolutely ridiculous.
and i'm not sure. but did people notice your secret change to the trampolines? jumping now costs 50% of the fuel again.
Topic: The production has been reduced by about 5 times. | 12 May 2020 15:40:05
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ohh you want to save yourself from the shit you made in which the mines are cheaper? are you really that stupid? the mines still produce far too little and the costs for the necessary energy continue to exist.
you don't even have the balls in your pants to say that the change was a mistake and you changed something again without thinking. I would be interested in how you can be so idiotic. if i acted towards customers at work as you do, i would be fired.
Topic: The production has been reduced by about 5 times. | 9 May 2020 18:48:10
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you were just shit in the brain. there is nothing more to be found there.
Topic: another change WITHOUT notice - mine production | 9 May 2020 15:12:30
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are you still comforting? are you significantly reducing mine production from one moment to the next? You are 100% aware that many players can no longer keep their fleet size and are now forced to buy your "brilliant" premium package for $ 28 a month. you really always find new ideas to pull the money out of your pocket.
you don't see a single cent of me behaving like this!
one can only say that you are vultures and nothing more.
Topic: Announcement! Aggression between players | 22 April 2020 17:26:33
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people i know you are still tinkering with your new "change" but seriously? after an arbiter, the agron rises from 13 to 41?
that has nothing to do with balance. agro rises far too quickly
Topic: Structure of planets | 17 April 2020 21:25:10
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@Toiletdude is absolutely right.
it cost 100 vesp and now 1hc? how was the course for an hc again? oh right 1HC are about 36k vesp that means you want money and have raised the price 360 times xD

In addition, you cannot spy on uninhabited planets, so the statement is invalid. if you want to shoot an aster you look for a suitable planet. at 20k diameter, there can be a difference of 700 million structure points. I am currently doing 30 million damage with my guns. i.e. if I do not pay attention to it beforehand it will cost me about 3 weeks.
Topic: Announcement! Aggression between players | 8 April 2020 22:12:34
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The inflation is rather so high because the prices for HC are ridiculously high and at the same time the officers etc. are now becoming unaffordable.
the majority of people have no desire to invest so much money in the game and see that they get less and less for it. That is why attempts are being made to negotiate more and more about goods, which means that enormous amounts of resources are stored and placed in the dentarium.

Basically, Vasya cuts its own meat, because less money is effectively spent by the players.
how about if you would rethink here?
Topic: Announcement! Aggression between players | 8 April 2020 20:37:45
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hey people april 1st is already over. this is a bad joke again
in plain language it means that if you play actively you will be punished and there will be immeasurably fewer resources in the game. unfortunately, these are fundamental to the game.
have you ever thought about the effects of your change again?
agro is already increasing rapidly at the current time and you want to accelerate it five times?

just crazy what you do. that has nothing to do with balance anymore. everything you "change" makes the game less interesting? is this really your job?
Topic: construction times on PPS and OPS of fleets | 24 March 2020 17:02:01
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you keep thinking of new shit right?
what else do you have a PPS for. for the trampolines that are worth a shit after your countless changes?
now you don't even get the bonus of the other races to build fleets? it's getting ridiculous.
I hope you will take this change back. now you only waste one planet slot with a PPS.
your changes will only make the game slower and boring. You do a great job, everyone else is fired for something like that
Topic: Improvement of gun adjustment | 21 July 2019 11:46:58
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It would be a considerable relief if you only have to enter the target coordinates in the graviation cannon to target the target. at least you get the coordinates through a spy. To find small objects with the gun purely through the 3D view is the hell.
so i find it better if the vector between the desired target and the gravity cannon itself is calculated
Topic: Experimental Research increase in price | 14 June 2019 18:06:16
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that is absolute nonsense. if you make such a change you announce it in advance and not "it has now been changed" Moreover, it is not a problem for the game operators (where my opinion on their competence is irreversible) to send the forum post paralel in all languages. In addition, it should not be a problem to send something like system messages.

what is going on here is the last bullshit and in my eyes, the *IDIOTS of admins* make their own game of pure greed broken and unplayable. The game fucks me here only and only because of the shitty changes the idiots come up with here.
my acc banishes me for this statement, you vollidioten puking me only and I'm certainly not alone in the opinion. *fuck you*
Topic: speed SW | 5 June 2019 17:53:38
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Was it really necessary to neuter the SW now? why was it suddenly made so slow?
I have to say, any change coming from you is the last fuck

Let's have a look at the changes
1. Fleet stand with the warm-up time on coordinates and planets
2. all pirates have admiral 10 (newbies can never shoot at low cost)
3. the change of storage
4. permanent change to the officers. Officers are reset and simply more expensive. From month to month they will be even more expensive. not to mention 20k HC for the pirate
5. cooling of gravity guns after moving + warm-up time
6. at times a reduction of gate range + increase of cooling (incredible cost
7. Reduction of pirates (even less ressis to be taken)
8. Reduction of the speed of the SW

Which of the points is there for the balance or to make the game better?
and I know that I did not name any other points

I just heard that the speed of the trampolines was reduced by 90%.
Honestly since you are still right in the head?
apparently there were more changes. I have not noticed this yet. what is operated here, however, is the very last and only depleted.
Topic: Balance: gravitational guns / space stations | 3 April 2019 16:28:58
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why are they getting cut? First, the cooling has been increased incredibly and now there is even a preparation time? they are only good for shooting asteroids and even there they hardly hurt. in order to effectively align what you need at least 10-15 pieces. I would say, push the guns times and does not continue to cut them. I have on each gun space station level 4 and need for ca.12systeme 2 weeks? that's grossly exaggerated

Admins: please take this position
Topic: cooling stations/insects | 2 March 2019 20:23:52
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@Admins. This change is the last dirt and I know the reaction in the Russian forum but not the opinion should be unique. Revises this change and shortens the cooling again
Topic: cooling stations/insects | 1 March 2019 12:13:34
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should everyone now build a level 4 super station from their normal stations to be at least a little mobile? it's just ridiculous what's going on here. if I want to pull together stations to shoot any asteroids I am bound there and can not eternally defend against enemy insects or enemy gates near me. THANK YOU VERY MUCH