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Topic: I have a major Problem - black hole | 7 November 2020 04:42:39
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UncleanOne, Let me be clear here. You are saying I am a liar because your logs report otherwise. However, I can not see your logs because that is an internal process that is not allowed for public viewing. You do realize how bad that looks to the public eye? If that is the rule, that is the rule. Thank you for the big ass FUCK YOU IN MY FACE! Your argument holds no ground, most of your player base uses the expeditions for fleet saving and yet you want to go down this ridiculous road. Change the fucking default UO! This is a stupid fucking conversation to even be having.

UO, do you want us to spend money on your game or not is my real question. Because, I can promise you. If you set the default to 999 and when they did not have the ves to cover the save fleet mode. They would be able to correct it to a number that they can do it with. However, if something happens on either the server side or the client side (our browser) then at least we would have some sort of control to correct it down till we had the resources to send. In my case, I have plenty of resources and apparently something did glitch, but I went to bed thinking my shit was safe.
Topic: I have a major Problem - black hole | 6 November 2020 03:09:56
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UncleanOne, well, that is not the case. I know how I send my safe fleets out. It was not a misstep, if the front end application had a glitch and went with the default 24 hour time frame how is that my fault. What would be a good fix is simply default to 999 and let us change it from there. This way, you and I both would know that I would have absolutely had to change it from 999 down to 24. That being said, if you guys can not at least make some sort of attempt to remedy this. That in itself pretty much tells me and everyone else that plays this game that the company really does not care.

Show me your logs, this would be nice. You guys obviously will not take my word at face value, why am I supposed to accept your answer at face value. I am trying really hard to be nice here, but you are certainly not making it easy.
Topic: I have a major Problem - black hole | 5 November 2020 09:42:46
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Now, I don't if you people give a shit or not. However, this is a nightly or mostly nightly fleet that I send on 999 expeditions. I pull them back in to add my new builds.

I honestly, do not care if you if you fix this. However, I can promise you one thing. This will be the straw that broke this camels back if you do not reverse this Black Hole bullshit you just sniped my fleet with when I had it on a 999 hour expedition.

Thank you in advance, please review my playing history. Oh, and if you would like to correct this error with a gift. It would be appreciated. :)


Chris aka "Hunts"
Topic: resource merchant now 3 HC's per trade | 8 July 2020 21:32:30
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You know when I did their 18/month thing, I at least thought those trades with the merchant would at least be free. Wink wink, but nope. Not right now anyway.
Topic: resource merchant now 3 HC's per trade | 1 July 2020 17:59:24
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I do not understand this new fee. Why are we being charged 3 hc's per transaction? You guys are ready get your cut on your exchange rate! This merchant is already very expensive to use in terms of the exchange rate between the different rss! Now you guys are tacking on an additional 3 hc's no matter what size the exchange is! This is literally the only way a little guy can build up some vespin as we all know that production as it is today is shit.

Please take this fee back out.
Topic: Where do we put in a trouble ticket | 22 June 2020 22:59:43
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Yeah, I will just have manage in there a couple million vespine. 24 hours was costing close to 600k. I don't foresee me being able to have 999 hours of ves for fleet save, maybe 3 days worth but any more than that.. not likely
Topic: Where do we put in a trouble ticket | 20 June 2020 17:46:23
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Why bother doing a fleet save if the game is going to hang up and I can't even recall my fleets from an expedition. Lost 3 sw's, 400+ cargo's to a black hole. So, FAS not enough to protect flag ships, forced to used expeditions.. then the game is screws up and fleet is lost.. Come on man!!
Topic: Backwards Economy | 16 June 2020 01:26:22
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I really do appreciate all of your thoughts. I started this game in late March and I was very excited about, in fact my spending habits reflect my excitement for the game. I am not saying that I am not going to play it anymore, but I have decided that I am not going to supplement my basic needs in game with hard earned cash in order to play it. That money that I put into the game should not have to be spent on vespin. Rather, it should be reserved for buying cool stuff like a space wanderer or a death star or a speed up for a technology that I have been craving. All that being said and what you all have mentioned is, I guess the status quo.

As they say, cut your losses. I am not there yet, but if I am left to wait for my production of vespin to build up or waiting 6 hours for the next spawn to emerge in hopes that I might gather enough crumbs to send out a fleet. My interest will disintegrate rapidly and the game will be left with one less player that was and is to some degree willing to put some money into the game.

P.S. Please knock off the HC fee for posting, unless that is your way of saying that you do not want to hear from your player base.
Topic: Backwards Economy | 14 June 2020 16:56:38
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Decision makers,

I am not quite sure what you all are trying to do here. However, If spawning low rss pirates and terrible production rates is what you have in mind for the game. You have certainly done a good job. I am not really seeing much point of playing the game more than 20-30 minutes a day now. I can't send my fleets out to do much of anything at this point. I among many other paying players probably will not be spending much more money on this game. Seems kind of pointless right now. I guess I will park my ships for a while till I see a change.

Kind regards,

Topic: Human fleet vs Toss Matriarch - Ideal attack force | 25 May 2020 02:59:22
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How large of a Fleet of Human warships could a player destroy a Toss Matriarch ship with High confidence of success with relative low ship losses?
Topic: Gravity Trampolines and Nagibator | 11 May 2020 21:57:22
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Is building the Gravity Trampolines reserved only for players that have control of the Nagibator relic?

If so, how do you go about even finding this Relic?