re-colonise a planet that I have had for quite a while

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Hi all,
I have had for the past couple of months a planet with very few fields (76). Recently I read that I can re-colonize planets in order for the field number to be changed.

The question is, can I do this in my case? or do i need to abandon planet first and re-colonise afterwards ?
will I have any consequences, such as wipping out all the buildings on the planet even if I re-colonize directly? or will the planet's field count be the Only thing that will change about my planet? (if that is so, what happens if the new field count drops below 76?)

thank you in advance for your information!
25 September 2015 12:34:13
25 September 2015 12:34:13
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If recolonization fleet and buildings will disappear. To minimize losses, you can remove the fleet from the planet and dismantle the buildings. Disassemble of buildings will take time, but as a result you will be able to recover some of the resources.The planet can be recolonized several times until you will get the needed quantity of fields.
25 September 2015 13:19:50
25 September 2015 13:19:50
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Is a random number each time or will be increased each time you recolonize the planet? and what is the maximum fields that I must expect from a planet?
Thanks Vic.
30 December 2015 07:46:06
30 December 2015 07:46:06
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That's awesome
14 October 2016 01:52:36
14 October 2016 01:52:36


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