Base output?

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I don't understand the base output, for instance when I look under resources I see that I have a:
Base income (20)
Metal mine lvl 14 (1313)
Beginner starter kit (1313)
Geologist lvl 3 (393)
Award 1k stat points (52) all this equals 3091.
But when I look at the description of the metal mine it says income per hour 3091, so why is it showing 1313 for a lvl 14 metal mine under resources, shouldn't it be showing 3091?
19 February 2016 08:03:25
19 February 2016 08:03:25
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Ok I have figured it out the income per hour displayed on the metal mine is for everything factored into the equation.
So when the beginner starter kit expires the numbers displayed on the metal mine income per hour go down accordingly.
I thought the income per hour was only for the metal mine minus the bonuses and extras.
20 February 2016 08:50:14
20 February 2016 08:50:14
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14 October 2016 00:49:47
14 October 2016 00:49:47


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