Xerj Quest 5, Must pay 100 HC to complete?!?!?

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Do I understand this correctly? In order to complete this quest... (Zerj)

5. Contact with a wiseman, hiring him at least to the 2nd level at the page Mutants.

...you have to pay 100 HC to upgrade this to level 2?

ZARATHUSTRA  LEVEL: 1 Cost: 100 (to upgrade)

That is pretty crazy , since the Terran version doesn't require you to spend HC on any units like Zerj does or quests like this...

Anyone able to verify this? thanks!
29 December 2016 21:12:58
29 December 2016 21:12:58
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is that not the mission where you find him in expedition 
29 December 2016 22:21:33
29 December 2016 22:21:33


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