Deploying an insectoid (planetoid), How to

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I got awarded that planetoid from the 3rd Terran quest, and now I want to deploy it above my planet in that special moon/insectoid placeholder.
I tried deploying it there (mission "Deploy"), but it couldn't find any entity there and it came back. And it is so sloooooooowDeploying an insectoid (planetoid)
How can i place it there?
18 August 2017 14:15:45
18 August 2017 14:15:45
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A planetoid is NOT the same as insectoid.  A planetoid is a ship...I guess.  Kinda a big, bloated resource producing ship.

An insectoid, on the other hand, is a xerj moon that has been "altered" to make it movable.  Think of it as a movable moon.

So.... the planetoid acts like any other ship (excepting that it is sooooooo slooooooooooooow) and has mission like ACS D, Deploy, etc. , while an insectoid is a moon that you can move around.

And to think.... a planetoid is 2x the speed (or more) of a Lexx Deploying an insectoid (planetoid)
18 August 2017 16:44:57
18 August 2017 16:44:57
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Pretty confusing I guess, it says "insectoid entity" in its description.
Got to figure what to do with it. Never asked 4 it.Deploying an insectoid (planetoid)
Seems to be pretty useless, too. Consumes 3000 energy, and boosts metal production by only 12/hr (2696->2708). Mineral stays the same, couldn't say about gas:(
18 August 2017 23:15:46
18 August 2017 23:15:46


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