What does colours of players mean?, Different players are marked in different colours.

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Greetings!  The names of players are marked in different colours. I read that Grey means "not active for 7 days".
1. What the other colours mean?
2. Around some names there is thick line - what does it mean?
18 November 2017 20:18:14
18 November 2017 20:18:14
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green is a player weaker than you (can't attack them)
purple is an outlaw (possibly a player who attacked someone stronger than them losing the green protection)
red is a player stronger than you
grey is offline for 7+ days
no color is someone of equal strength
the bold line is someone who has gone into "Vacation Mode" (can't be attacked)
22 March 2018 15:27:33
22 March 2018 15:27:33
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i have only green pink and red
26 April 2020 08:26:24
26 April 2020 08:26:24


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