Solar Satelite - ability to redeploy?

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 Both Xerj and Toss have units which can be moved by a Lurker or Carrier respectively. Since Terran have no units that can be 'carried', is it possible to add an option to carry solar satellites to deploy at another planet? A large Cargo ship or something of this nature could be given this ability, no?
 Often when upgrading the energy supply, satellites are built to cheaply and temporarily cover the increase to the energy needed, until such time as a Solar plant upgrade or the like is completed. So some satellites become redundant at certain planets, where they could be used at another planet. Also, for Graviton Technology research, it would be helpful to be able to temporarily 'borrow' the satellites from other planets to complete the research.
 Ideas or thoughts?
21 January 2019 05:29:20
21 January 2019 05:29:20
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We humans are doomed in this game...

We only exist as prey for the other races...

Unless, if you do not seek a quick development, and you make your moves carefully Solar Satelite - ability to redeploy?
25 January 2019 02:27:57
25 January 2019 02:27:57
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True. I think the 'New Ideas' section is doomed! ha.
I do not see the harm in being able to relocate your own units.  But it is not that important, just an idea.....
25 January 2019 14:06:17
25 January 2019 14:06:17


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