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Now: 20 October 2019 16:30
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Galaxy view, Zoom limit feature.

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when i log out from terran account with the zoom limit feature enabled
then login with toss account with the feature disabled viewing the network map, when finished looking in the galaxy smaller than 54% zoom, logout again
login back into the terran account, view galaxy map
its back to the same zoom from the last view of the galaxy map from the toss account and not under the 54% lock setting from terran account. i then have to zoom back in again to view the planets.

25 September 2019 04:51
25 September 2019 04:51
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The same thing happens to my reran and Xerj account. Don't have Toss, so it's hard to guess.
25 September 2019 07:51
25 September 2019 07:51
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Hi Marsman

We storing last zoom in your browser, not per account. "Limit zoom to hide the alliance network map" - it is all about limiting zoom, but not about hiding network map.

Such state was in mind and you can easily: zoom back in again to view the planets. and only back.

Not a bug
30 September 2019 18:54
30 September 2019 18:54


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