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Math problem and bad change of diplomacy, It doesnt add up

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I visited this ops, and had no points change as there were only vikings. As I sat contemplating where to get my next fix, this happened.

Fleet commanderFleet return
7 Oct 14:36:17
Your fleet (10 Stealth fighter, 10 Small cargo) with an order Occupation, in low orbit ops Pirate_Station ⌀25 [271:134:9] due to a change of diplomacy or owner was unable to return to the launch object, so it moves to high orbit [271:134:9] while waiting for an order.
Fleet commanderFleet return
7 Oct 14:33:17
Your fleet (173 Small cargo, 11 Destroyer, 372 Stealth fighter) with an order Occupation, in low orbit ops Pirate_Station ⌀25 [271:134:9] due to a change of diplomacy has turned around and is flying back.
Myy 10/10 fleet landed on a large pirate and was destroyed, leaving me down 50 points at 996330
Well 996330+ 50 is not 1,000,0000, and 100,000 x10 is more than 996330, so it seems math must be bad M'kay.
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7 October 2020 15:45
7 October 2020 15:45
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There was a wrong message on return. Fleet was filled and then returned.
We fixed messages.
7 October 2020 15:49
7 October 2020 15:49


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