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Grendizer not visible, Grendizer not visible

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Good morning,

i am not sure if this is a bug, as I don't know how it should be.

I got a grendizer from Schrödingers box but I cannot find it on the planet. It is not visible on the resource page, fleet page or defense page. Yet it is listed in the imperium page. So I am certainly on the right planet.

A ally member has the same issue with those things (i don't know the name in English):

Is that normal behavior?

Thank you.
10 October 2020 11:28:59
10 October 2020 11:28:59
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It's ok.
Grendizer is a defense unit, but you cannot build it.
You can see these units on this page:
10 October 2020 13:46:20
10 October 2020 13:46:20


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