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the system of aggression

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i think the aggression system needs to be changed. it is like killfast said in another topic (see end of post). it is no longer playable.
i now need 2 novas for a death star. where is the ratio here, please? also does it take years until the aggression is down to zero again? I understand why you introduced this, but players are punished here because they play and at the same time it makes the game impossible for these players. finally reconsider

Here even the admis calculates how long a high aggresion needs to fall:
15 October 2020 20:43
15 October 2020 20:43
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Player get also punished just for staying in game. Look the price for the officers... Every month it get more expensive. even if i m in vacation mode. That means the longer i stay in game, the more expensive they get. That means if i want to buy officers, long term player are paying far more then beginners....
23 October 2020 22:24
23 October 2020 22:24


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