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Dear admins. 4 - 2- 1 was resource ratio
now it is more like 11 - 5,5 - 1
1 . The time with low production and cheaper mines
The people who knowed it is only for short time - used for mine Upgrades.
extorbitant numbers of player grow from 8 to 16 mio points.
So in fact - mine productio Rised X2 because of your BALANCE that time.
2. The new Politic menu. SIC.
Because of that new feature we saw very much accaunt pumping.
Wich caused in inflation of Player size in this game.
At least 50 player we saw growing from 8 to 16 million points in a view weeks.
To get in SIC.
3. The new REsource EXCHANGE rate.
In former times - many people used Metall or mineral Exchange for getting HC.
The difference to the market in trading was not such big.
NOW near no one does anymore.
So very much less Vespene in markets.
People who changed resources into vespene for less needed cargo space
or simple for faster selling. don't do anymore.

SO the inflation is house made. And very easy to solve.
IF you want to do.
Instead searching for solution - wich is very easy.
Again you try to BALANCE all to smal shit new player.
Wich stopped working.
Most player stoped big invests in hc. Because of to much game changes
made near all invests worthless.
Only toss can fly "cheap" and fight hard. so all other races only MINE.
The resource Xchange has to get reset to former standart.
GATE ranges - only 4 alliances are allowed to have gates all places.
IN PAST we all could fly through galaxy.
The times SOME player are only the FOOD would stop with gate changes
to former settings. ( range of level 2 - 100 systems and fly for free )
This would allow - also big RAIDER have to pay back. And degrese point inflations.
that are just some ideas wich stop inflation fast.
29 January 2021 22:23:02
29 January 2021 22:23:02
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Not a bug.

Moving this to Complaints.
29 January 2021 22:26:06
29 January 2021 22:26:06
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UncleanOne, Reaction time 1 minute. Would love this happen if we post an important bug.
And it shows - oposite to VASJA's posts
they are not interrested in solving inflation rate.
As inflation is a tool to get rid from unwanted players.
29 January 2021 22:39:09
29 January 2021 22:39:09


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