Energy! Just a thought, How about making Energy a saleable resource

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Considering in the current state of the world as we know it. Battery powered cars, trucks, homes.. etc. Would it be such a stretch to be able to make a Battery supply ship where it can load excess energy to either be stored or even sold on bestiary's?

Benefits -
1 - If your planet gets blown up and you lose all your satellites, you might have backup battery's to temporarily restore your manufacturing until you rebuilt your sats
2 - You could sell your excess energy on the bestiaries
3 - Energy supply ships rather than destroying them, they could be either destroyed or hijacked and taken back to your home planet with your fleet after a battle.

4 - Side note, rather than destroying non-combatant ships.. Such as recyclers and transports and even satellites.. why not give the attackers a choice of hijack or destroy before even sending a fleet.

Edit - I am sure many of you may scoff at the idea of hijacking, or ransoming ship.. but it could add a nice dimension to the game. Seems like every fight pretty much ends in either one side completely dead or a time out. I kind of think of giving a check box option to either scuttle "destroy", Hijack "Ransom" or take ownership of non-combatant ships would be kind of neat or maybe some rendition of what I am speaking of.

When you think of how pirates back in the 1400's. Pirates flew two types of flags - Black flag, Merciful and they would not kill everyone upon surrender and then Red Flag, Everyone dies!

Just a thought.


11 June 2022 19:58:51
11 June 2022 19:58:51
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hunts, By now you should know the administration - especially when it comes to requests for improvements to the game.... your wish will not come true....
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