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Cornello cloaked station, It blocks out the sun, by definition, it shold be visible.

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06/26 05:33:28 AM

Cornello station over may planet cannot be seen in galaxy map, by spying, nor by orbital inspetion from ship, or overview.

Actions required to repeat the problem:
Look to above coords.

Station is here affecting resources.

Full zoom on planet, with my ship attempring to see by inspection, and not findable by clicking the planet.

The empty view from space

Not shown in spy reports, but others are

Can bee seen around olher planets

Not on quest list

This may be a side effect of smaller planet diameter, but;
1) It is described asisible on a religion inspiring scale.
2) He mainly afflicts new players who are unfamilliar with orbital mechanics and hiding of objects. They should not be expected to face an invisible station after landing their first colony ship.
26 June 2022 05:50:30
26 June 2022 05:50:30
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The temple has to be searched for. The current way to find it is to send the fleet into high orbit with the order Defense. If visibility does not appear, recall the fleet and send it again until the temple is visible.
28 June 2022 09:39:14
28 June 2022 09:39:14


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