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dunk collision with scene player

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I am likely just wasting HC posting it, but It really got me angry:

Your object Helicobacter-pylori ⌀700 has stopped at coordinates [158:360:0] due to: scene player object (station Inquisition ⌀10).

I've searched entire forum and whole catalogue. There is absolutely no mentioning of scene players being immune to collisions. Only if they are weak players. You can raid this station, you can missile it, you can shoot at it with GG. Why it is not posible to dunk it?

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7 December 2023 12:41:39
7 December 2023 12:41:39
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kotek, have you enabled collisions in the menu it's turned off by default.
7 December 2023 13:10:45
7 December 2023 13:10:45
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Group xerj Alliance OnlyOneTeam4Rever 53 51 37 Points 1 754 217 Messages 33
yes, enabled, disabled, enabled. No matter what I try I can only get as close as you normally would due to diameters. With collisions off I get this message. With collisions on it just switches speed back to 0 and stop without anything.
7 December 2023 13:13:08
7 December 2023 13:13:08
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Collision with the scene player Martin is impossible.
8 December 2023 06:28:36
8 December 2023 06:28:36


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