Regulations of the Balance Editor
The Balance Editor (BE) of the project is responsible for monitoring the balance of the characteristics of the game elements and correcting them as they identify things that make the game uninteresting for most players. They are the one allocated person from the development team who makes the announced corrections.

According to the draft constitution, the BE has the right to change any characteristic by no more than 10% in any direction without prior agreement. For example, to cut down the mine's production, increase fuel costs and reduce speed. A second change in a characteristic is possible within a month at the earliest.

Must aspire to deflation, not inflation: more expensive Vespene on the stock exchange, more expensive game resources and game time respectively. For example, BE's activity is negative if the Vespene falls from 40 000 to 50 000 when it is corrected.

In order to avoid resource inflation, a positive change in characteristics is only permissible after approval by the Administration and an announcement to the SIC no later than 6 days before the change. The approval form on the forum is acceptable. The approval of an innovation by the Administration without announcement is allowed. It is better to improve something at the expense of deterioration of something else. For example, not to increase speed of the Cruiser, and to reduce speed of all other things.

Can play on the project as an ordinary player by general rules of the game.

Can be shifted by the Administration of the project or by a vote of the SIC, an impeachment procedure. For example, for low activity or activity in personal interests.

In 2021, the SIC handed over its veto power.