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Victoria, another great way to kill the game with another poor update that no one wanted
Topic: delete account | 3 November 2023 13:33:14
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Frat, to delete your account you do this via going to options and marking it for 7 day removal
Topic: Gravity Gun | 19 October 2023 12:34:00
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Montazzame, I'll see if I can come help u
Topic: Proposal for game change to Battle Speed | 18 October 2023 13:46:11
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At present Battle Speed (the speed that a ship can move within a battle) is fixed per ship type, whereas the Flight Speed (the speed at which a ship flies between planets/systems) can be improved with Research and Experimentals and Officers/Mutants/Elders. It would be more logical if Battle Speed was relative to Flight Speed, and also it would introduce more variety and encourage interaction during battles to exploit the speed of better developed ships to tactical advantage.
For Flight Speed with appropriate research, Experimentals and Officers/Mutants/Elders the actual speed can be double or triple the basic speed and I feel that the same should be reflected in Battle Speed.
e.g. Scourge has a Battle Speed of 800 and Mudkip has a Battle Speed of 570 and these are fixed so nomatter the ship development Scourge will always catch the Mudkip. However, the Mudkip Flight Speed can be increased from the basic 800 to easily double this (and the same is true of the Scourge Flight Speed from the basic 666). If Battle Speed more closely represented Flight Speed it would be perfectly possible for the Mudkip to outrun the Scourge and use its range to take multiple shots for the skilled player who learns how to exploit this interactively in battle. My suggestion is that Battle Speed is a fixed percentage of Flight Speed, although other options such as independent Research or Experimentals could be an option to consider.

В настоящее время боевая скорость (скорость, с которой корабль может двигаться в бою) фиксирована для каждого типа корабля, тогда как скорость полета (скорость, с которой корабль летает между планетами/системами) может быть улучшена с помощью исследований и экспериментов и офицеров/мутантов. /Старейшины. Было бы более логично, если бы боевая скорость была соотнесена со скоростью полета, а также это вносило бы больше разнообразия и поощряло взаимодействие во время сражений, чтобы использовать скорость более развитых кораблей для получения тактического преимущества.
Для скорости полета при соответствующих исследованиях, экспериментаторов и офицеров/мутантов/старейшин фактическая скорость может быть в два или три раза выше базовой скорости, и я считаю, что то же самое должно быть отражено в боевой скорости.
например У Scourge боевая скорость равна 800, а у Mudkip — боевая скорость 570, и они фиксированы, поэтому независимо от развития корабля Scourge всегда будет ловить Mudkip. Тем не менее, скорость полета Мадкипа можно увеличить с базовых 800 до удвоения (то же самое относится и к скорости полета Плети по сравнению с базовыми 666). Если бы боевая скорость более точно соответствовала скорости полета, то Мадкип вполне мог бы обогнать Плеть и использовать ее дальность для выполнения нескольких выстрелов для опытного игрока, который научится использовать это в интерактивном режиме в бою. Я предлагаю, чтобы боевая скорость представляла собой фиксированный процент от скорости полета, хотя можно рассмотреть и другие варианты, такие как независимые исследования или эксперименты.
Topic: Компоненты чертежи | 12 October 2023 19:26:39
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zemlyanin_, i do agree with u but the cost of the drawing to make these components is way over priced having to blow aasters up ect for materials ect this why no one cares for them
Topic: Facebook login | 28 September 2023 22:03:06
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I am asking for all Facebook log in accounts that arnt log in to be put into holiday mode and compensate any loses they have taken due to not being able to log in untill the issue is fixed as this is taking.over a week to resolve
Topic: PotY | 22 September 2023 20:15:43
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Marsman, id probly say id be more intrested if it was in brackets of points size and teir as its just the top people who win it so 0 intrest in it atm
Topic: Game killer | 15 September 2023 17:15:10
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BCKiller, you can remove them via psi or via downgrading the building one level
Topic: PotY | 8 September 2023 18:42:26
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Marsman, do you think that would make a differnce if you do then yes but if you dont then no :D
Topic: imideate reversal | 22 August 2023 18:21:27
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SATANIK, we didnt ask for the fog of war it came from a suggestion from 2009 from a player who is no longer in the game it was implemented badly and without warning or even testing hidden objects have always been a thing and to instantly change it over night was wrong no warning and no chance to get this new stealth item witch i beleieve isnt even in the game yet so we wish for it to be rolled back till they fix all of it and give actualy players a chance to adapt to it we dont play with admin commands on so every move we make we have to calaculate everything
Topic: imideate reversal | 22 August 2023 13:46:02
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beercrazy, Sorry i though it was clear we want the removal of the fog of war and reinstate the ability to turn on hide our stations again without the need to build something that we have to find in expo a roll back of the server would be nice but i feel that wouldnt be feesable with all the progress people have made since the update would be it is the removal the fog of war and the return of hiding our objects again would be the outcome we want
Topic: imideate reversal | 20 August 2023 15:33:33
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filipi, yep all the money time people have invested to be screwed over without warning over night we need to stop them making changes like this at will its not on any more
Topic: New visibility | 16 August 2023 21:09:47
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UncleanOne, we still do not want this in the game the senate has voted against this update and want it reversed
Topic: New visibility | 15 August 2023 01:21:10
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Victoria, this was not even discussed or even voted for in the senate that idea is from a player in 2009 and dosent even exisst any more so no it wasent what the current player base wanted this is a stupid thing to do this needs to be reversed and the servers rolled back after the damage that has been caused by a poor update that wasent wanted nor needed
Topic: imideate reversal | 14 August 2023 12:20:58
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i propose a immediate reversal of a feture that we didnt ask for or want the fog of war a nd visablity rule changes making everything now see on galaxy map needs to be changed back

Я предлагаю немедленно отменить функцию, о которой мы не просили или не хотели, чтобы изменения в правилах тумана войны и видимости заставляли все, что теперь видно на карте галактики, вернуть обратно.
Topic: ipm list empy | 11 August 2023 15:56:11
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ymnik, spend time on the galaxy map firing ipms at a target then keep going back and forth rebuilding them n hang on the map to fire again for a few mins list goes empty
Topic: ipm list empy | 11 August 2023 14:12:30
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ymnik, it still ahppens but less frequent
Topic: ipm list empy | 29 July 2023 01:56:48
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The user on whose account the problem was detected:


Date or time of the incident (according to server time):

Description:whgen i try to fire ipms i get errors after every few silos of firing the list is empty

Actions required to repeat the problem:just keep tryign to fire ipms

Topic: display bug | 29 May 2023 13:01:40
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The user on whose account the problem was detected:


Date or time of the incident (according to server time):

Description:i accidenlty shot my own ops and it now shows 74% hp when it should be at best 99% as i took the ops at 100% and when i click on the window the damage dosent reflect what it shows on overveiw

Actions required to repeat the problem:

Topic: What to do with comets? | 6 August 2022 20:26:59
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Send a small cargo to high orbit to make it visible to you then you be able to harvest it no problem. Any small ship should do.