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How to report user ?

User who dose not Stop Attacking , even you ask hem nice and hes attaking you already month , never STOP , What to do ?And BTW is much Stronger than you for many times ?

This guy is Apsolutlly out of hes mind , Attaking every day even there is no anything Left any more , Is this Right ? How is possible to make hem Stop ?

This is apsolutlly not normal

And is just going on and on ????
11 June 2015 10:06:43
11 June 2015 10:06:43
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You can join his alliance or alliance friendly to his and he can not attack you, or you can ask another, stronger user to protect you.
11 June 2015 10:25:21
11 June 2015 10:25:21
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How you can be friend and get in to hes Alliance if guy is not normal ? Any way this is how all this look like

this is only from today i will find it all and than say this is Normal player ? He distroy all my fleet , he did not stop till he got it all , even i avoid few times attacks and try to save somethig , but he chase me till he got it all .So Why >? You got me one's , ok , 2 times , o ok , but don't stop , this is crazy , impossible to play , i ask hem few times nice , and did he stop , nop , again and again , and hes one attacked first , even stronger , i belive there is many others players same , this guy is not normal .

and this

Look and pay attantion how many Ships he use in fight agains nothing at all ???? now say if is not normal ?
12 June 2015 00:43:30
12 June 2015 00:43:30
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Probably either grudge or bad bot configuration, anyway, my occupying large cargo was destroyed, 2 of them, while i was sleeping, and recycled. By an 8 millions points player, the thing is i don't even need to be an 8 millions points player to not bother recycling the debris of 2 large cargo, not even worth the fleet slot, i could just raid an inactive planet to get much more resource than that, so why would an 8 millions points player do that? Using bot is probably a likely explanation.
9 July 2015 02:55:51
9 July 2015 02:55:51


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