Open voting: How Long Will Game Last — how long til game is broken beyond repair

manbie a week or two - 0 (0%)

a month - 0 (0%)

already is - 3 (100%: Dvorak, Gerhard_Grobler, Reimund)

Who cares im quitting - 0 (0%)

Total voted: 30.

Why destroy a Good Game, Effects of changes made by game admins

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I know i'm not the only one about to quit playing this game but I would still be interested to know other opinions why they would destroy a good game.

First off growing your planets have been made next to impossible.

The cost of research and structures are months of saving up the needed resources to build with almost no growth

with the reduction of resource production  most players ( 99% ) of players that don't already have more then 6 planets will never ( or over a very long time - maybe a year ) get to get more planets just because of cost of research ( that did not decrease with production )

the lack of growth means that activity will bottom out alone because of cost to upgrade and produse ships and also fuel them to fight with. it  will also stop new players from wanting to join the game and most other players will just quit because they will not see growth and not be able to take part in battles 

the total collapse of the market of proof of the way that the game is soon going to end 

When a market collapses the way the market did you now the game is over very soon since not even the highest build up players can afford to sell on the maret so being able to make HC to upgrade officers is also lost and people will not buy HC because there is nothing to spend them on that would make any sense

also a bad choice is to make players pay HC to post people will not buy HC just to post in a forum so game makers will never hear the truth of why game is going down hill since most will stop buying useless HC 

in All i would love to now from those that still have Useless HC how long you think the game will last
1 February 2018 06:50:27
1 February 2018 06:50:27


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