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Hello everyone..

What happens when I trade too much?

I noticed that selling / buying items in the bestiary (I'm a Xerj) counts towards send / received resources.
When I will exceed this amount, lets say 8 million, and get a count of -2 million I will get a penality when someone sends resources to me. My question is: Does this penality also apply on purchased / sold items in the bestiary??
Example: I have exceeded the amount by the example above and now I sell some stuff for 10 HC. Will I receive this 10 HC or will I receive less because the penality also applies here??
13 June 2018 03:00:16
13 June 2018 03:00:16
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Total resources recieved: 10 205 906
Allowed to recieve: -953 906

I haven't noticed any changes while trading
15 June 2018 22:53:33
15 June 2018 22:53:33


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