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Bestiary Needs Fixed, Tracking orders

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The bestiary is a neat and very useful way of other players trading and getting around crazy game resource prices. However it can also be used by alliances to track and target players. You buy ships from one player and he tells his friends who, what and where it goes. I do not see why sales have to tell you who even bought the item, i had no clue and now wondering why do they need to know WHERE it goes!?! I just got wiped because i told alliance i wasnt buying from them, so naturally you respond by attacking the person who been giving you money, and they knew right where to go. 
27 May 2019 21:00
27 May 2019 21:00
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It is not a bug. We have no plans to hide information about the buyer at the moment.
6 June 2019 15:09
6 June 2019 15:09


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