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As far as I know, there is no way to "heal" the structure of ops, PPs, moon, or planet. With the huge nerfs to the structure limits, maybe introducing a way to repair the structure of OPS, PPS, or moon stations / entities is not bad idea. Either having a slow and expensive method to bring it back to full health, or possibly having a little more affordable repair cost but having degenerative repair limit. So if you get hit, or take ops you might have left gravity gun on too long since changes are quietly announced, you can repair the structure but not to 100% of health, maybe only 95%, and the next time you can only do 90%. Just an idea to maybe bring positive change. 

P.S. Some things need to be balanced yes, the gravity trampolines you could fly thru the galaxy really fast and really cheap, so, good nerf now that everything is said and done (please don't nerf them more now that I have positive). However then you have research nerf, is still one of worst things since I been playing (not that long) so many people quit and worse yet you completely handicapped any new players, also the recycling nerf to top it off. All I am saying is that nerfs are needed sometimes, but looking down balance page to just see reduced over and over and so drastically is really cripalling moral.

P.S.S We need an announcement for changes like the ops structure. You have people taking advantage of you guy's temporary drastic and insance nerfs because they either on at right time when you messing with everything or they have quicker access to certain information. There needs to be announcement of changes, for EVERYONE, with time of update as well so people can take some action. Instead of having someone at work and quickly check messages to see ops structure has tanked (mine was down to 60k thanks) and people going around and just destroying everything since they just happened to be on at right time.
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10 August 2019 10:22:53


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