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The real fun about the game was to attack players (not pirates☠). Before the changes the gas was already expensive, and we had to save a lot to attack players. But now it's impossible to move the fleets. If you want to lower the Iron and Mineral production, FINE! but don't touch the gas production!

Imagine in real life, a world were oil is 6 times more expensive: Every economy will slow down and people will start starving and killing each other.

Well you are doing pretty much the same thing with the game.

WE NEED MORE GAS! ... and Kane the brave needs to kill!

26 May 2020 17:25:39
26 May 2020 17:25:39
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Kane, Well said!
26 May 2020 21:04:15
26 May 2020 21:04:15
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I have that problem too! As a toss you have no good production anyway and few opportunities to draw resources from the galaxy. Pirates are of no interest to a toss - the ships are not ideal for this. When it comes to pirate hunting, Toss and Xerden are at a disadvantage to the Terrans.
As a toss you are a pure fleet account - the ships have good shields and are well suited to fight against the ships of the Terrans and Xerden. for more than a toss is useless. Lowering production by 5 times means death for a Toss account, or always just as a small appendage to the other species, leaving behind with uninteresting small goals! The gas is damn important.... The entire production is Toss even important, because it is inherently bad in relation to the construction costs of the infrastructure!
When I paid 1000 HC for the toss and then saw what little opportunities a toss actually has - it is really only suitable for hunting players if you have a larger terrarium account in the back and can use its goals ... I was a little disappointed from the start because I actually have a less aggressive attitude .... But well, there are players who deserve to be fought, and the toss was good for that. But without gas production and with high fleet wear? unusable for the tasks assigned to him ...

for the development of a player it is necessary to be able to move the fleet ... it's like driving to work! Who walks to work 5 hours a day because fuel has suddenly become 5 times more expensive?
27 May 2020 02:27:01
27 May 2020 02:27:01


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