Game with worst dealing with players

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Wow hard critic, so let me explain

I play now for over 1 year this game and i never saw a game that deals so bad with his players which are realy willing to play and even invest money.

Why i m saying this?

1. Updates in this game

In normal games updates will be published at least 3 days in advance with the remark that the game will not be available for a few hours. ( to ensure that no players suffers in updates time)

Here: I m flying with my fleet and suddently i see that i need double of fuel.... great... , or the npc are stronger... or my fleet is weaker....Bug ? no it was an balancing update... published 2 days after update...

Everyone knows that this kinds happens in most of the cases. Sometimes the admin give them some players who can prove their losses the ships back but most time not...

But still a lot of guys keep playing...

2. "Balancing Updates" in this game

Well we all now a lot of "balancing updates" which were done without warning or preparation time... the last updates are the best proves Reducing of the income by five time

I mean seriously ? 5 time less production
? from one day by other ? No warning so a lot of players had no chance to rebuild their colonies so that they suffer huge consequences... (impossible to cover armortisation of fleet with all negative effects..)

I suggest every admin here to play this game as a normal player who knos nothing of these updates... you invest money, you invest time, had some fun and then comes a killer update ( every three mounth here comes without warning and totaly destroy your planning...) this is no fun.

This game is great and has a lot of potential. But with the current acting against players it will never be a good game.

A player invests 100€ to improve his economy. 1 mounth later you make this update... what is his invest worth now ? Same with research, player invest money for resaerch, you make an update and this particular research is worth nothing anymore... happened not long ago.. same with officers, a premium tool.. nothing is safe, admins cannot be trusted. So players cannot invest money... thats why this game dies if you keep going this way..

I will stopp this game now, give my fleet and ressources some others, who some of them told me that they are even not shure want to continue. i have enought of this.

Hope this complain will result to some changes.
26 May 2020 23:45:09
26 May 2020 23:45:09
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unfortunately it won't .... at least not as long as the money is sufficient for the operator of the game .....
The problem is very simple ... fear is a good motivator ..... motivates people to invest more money ... something has changed and there is fear of loss - money is already being invested to deal with this change to adapt ... I always tell people not to be afraid because the enemy has the same problems ...
I can always say the same thing .... but whether it is ever heard by players? ....

My friend - we'll see you soon ..... May the Force be with you .....
27 May 2020 01:43:11
27 May 2020 01:43:11


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