Best Laugh in a Long Time, Eve Comparison

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You comparing yourselves to Eve is just about the funniest thing I have read in a very long time. Think you have missed your vocation in life and would all be better employed as comedians.

Compared to eve this game is no more than a beginners trail to the Eve tutorial trail you can have for free. Even that is an insult to Eve.

Where do I start, ahh yes resources metal,mineral and gas. WOW that's a lot ummm maybe not.

Eve 16 different types of ore each of which can be broken down into another 3 or 4 levels of quality. Oh that's a total of 63. Much more interesting don't you think. What about the possibilities of what you can build from that basic stuff?

Ships Yummy ships, ships and more ships. Did you know that one class of ships in Eve has more than four times the sum total of all the ships you can build in this game. Frigates - Darn forgot you don't have frigates in this game. Anyway there are almost 100 varieties of frigate each of which you can build to your own specifications. Think you are out classed already and I haven't even started yet.

Next up (drum roll) Take a bow Cruisers. Lovely ships in all their majestic variety of I'm embarrassed to say one. On the other hand in Eve you could spend the whole day strolling down the lines of cruisers available taking in their magnificent shapes and varieties, running your hands possessively over their sleek lines. Now how many are in the catalogue? Ah yes page 964 says 63 ummm interesting, bit light weight aren't you Eve having so few. That's only at a pinch just over three times as many as all the ships available in this game.

Deary me. Deary, deary me.

Now where was I oh yes looking at the ships. There are probably only five ships in this game that could be reasonably compared to any of the available ships in Eve. Most of which are out of reach of the majority of people who play this game unless you are prepared to take out a second mortgage. They are the Jouann, Super Nova and Deathstar. Apologies that's not five lets face it you give out Space Wanderers to any who can complete a few missions so that could be counted as smoke and mirrors and the Juggernaut is a fancy recycler with guns. Funny thing is its not possible to customise them to meet individual requirements or able to offer true support to other classes of ships you may have in your fleet. Oi mate got a batting ram, ermm yeah. In truth that is all they are. What does Eve have. Well depending on your race there are four Dreadnoughts each of which can support a variety of other ships in terms of increasing their power supply, focusing weapons, jamming and a whole lot of other things besides. Not only that they also have a huge punch.

Enough of that. Do I detect a little bit of a blush of embarrassment from you XCraft?

NO - oh better try harder then.

Neat circles on a flat page nine of each around a sun. All of them thar systems going way out into the void (wonders how many trees you had cut down to map that out). So the game environment is larger in some respects than Eve. Did I say flat ahh yes, think that makes it a two dimensional game, (very similar to early platform games that started the whole game playing craze on computers) not a multi dimensional environment that you can move freely within. So no ducking and diving, barrel rolls, loops or any other tactic you can dream up in three dimensional space to avoid would be attackers. Oops its shooting at me better move up, pew pew its still hitting me, eek move down down, Kaboom darn lost another ship :( Du da...Du da........du da..du da.duda.duda OH NO the space invaders got me. No true PvP capability here. It might be in real time, that don't make it true PvP as there is no way to avoid incoming should you wish to do so. Eve on the other hand........think I'll let you fill in the gap with your own words, just use 3D spatial concepts to imagine.

Research yada yada yada long boring, tedious no depth of perception and all the research here can be held in a single branch of the research tree on Eve. What the hell is that....armour, shielding and weaponry covers all classes of ships. Gosh even I could write the programming for that and I'm not a true programmer.

Enough said, think the points made. There is NO comparison between this game and Eve.

The only reason I play is that my internet hamster has 3 legs and is not up to the job of running Eve in real time.

By the way your pay to play model is very poor. Bought all of you a sandwich and a take away coffee, don't expect any more from me for cream teas and scones until your model has been seriously improved.

Crikey Mate. Inflation from 1 HC to 5 HC to post.

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2 July 2020 18:17:57


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