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Game slow down., fatal error in performance.

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Dear admins.
Fighting an enemy alliance we had 30 fleets at 1 orbit.
The game stopped. fights did not open. Moving fleet was not possible anymore.
Different game menus did not open.
Game View broke - menus did not show up.
ALSO - again we had same effect with SOME Dunkles on same cords.
EVEN CEMEH tells I am dumm.

This failor we can CREATE with some dunkles same place.
OR with some fleets.
It is possible to SHOW this failor.
IF cemeh does regress to my lost dunkles -
He can tell me a time he want to see this failor in REAL TIME.
29 November 2020 00:23
29 November 2020 00:23
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The game may stop if the internet connection is lost.
2 December 2020 09:29
2 December 2020 09:29


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