Inflation of vespene, fighting inflation

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I have a Theory.
Inflation special in vespene - is caused by high flight costs.
FOR fighting inflation admins rised costs of fuel use so often and degreased GATE range.
Wich has the effect - no one fly anymore.
So more and more people have more vespene then they use.
SO I am very sorry. In my thinking you only made all worse. not better.
INFLATION is caused by Admins BALANCE . only.
REMEMBER - in past we flow through hole galaxy . different reasons.
BUT since near 2 years 99% player only sit at home.
Instead of flying.
SO your Gate range degrease first - and then the stupid gate use costs
DID make all more bad. Price will go DOWN only more.
AS 99% of game does not fly.
AT RELICT quest I made ally message - people should help with fuel.
I got 100 offers for selling vespene . Also very smal player could sell 20 mio.
This is only caused in ( sorry ) dummy decissions.
The market does not work that way. IF gas cost to high. people do not use a car.
AND as you rised "train" costs - GATE
People will not fly more. They fly less.
1 October 2021 19:43:46
1 October 2021 19:43:46
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yes ... I can confirm this problem ....

It is flown less ... even I fly significantly less than last year .. the reason - it is no longer worth flying to pirates, as they result in less debris, In addition, the fuel costs and the aggression situation limit the range where you could still hunt profitably so that you can practically no longer reach pirates .... Even via gates this is not worthwhile - and springboards are junk anyway .... the more unprofitable the pirates became the less I flew ..... I used to fly not only against pirates, but also against players (both active and inactive players) - these are also very difficult or almost impossible to reach. .... the fuel costs are too high .. To be completely honest, my fleet still costs expedition costs and depreciation costs even though I can hardly use them anymore (there is nothing where it is worth flying) .. ie a fleet is to be owned A complete loss-making business ..... So it is not only for me, but also for some of my children from 50,000 statistical points - who cannot use their fleet profitably and therefore do not want to fly, because the use of the fleet was originally intended to save resources procure and not to pay for resources! Some of my protégés have already sold their fleet and also regularly sell gas in the amount of 5-25 KK (players between 50,000 points and 500,000 points) ...

The problem has to be solved in such a way that flying becomes more profitable again - be it to pirates or to gamblers ... in short: "the use of the gate is too expensive, the aggro levels rise too quickly, the basic costs of the fleet too high and there are too few goals (if you only play 3 hours a day, 70-80% of the pirates who are nearby remain unaffected and the remaining 20-30% are not enough to get the fleet out of the expedition) and not only Pirates are, but also green inactive players can no longer be attacked and also inactive players from your own alliance / circle of friends can no longer attack ..."

..They have to understand that the motivation of the game is to move the fleet profitably in order to achieve resource income ... and not the motivation is pointless more costs than having income from the fleet and not playing is more profitable than owning mines and not move with the fleet ..... to be honest, the game is so unplayable - because it is not a game if you "don't fly" in order to have costs lower than the income from the total profitability of your own account .... In addition, inflation affects not just gas, it affects all resources ... The reason is simple ... in the past so much has been flown to many profitable destinations that metal and minerals had to be exchanged for gas in order to continue flying - that is now too expensive ... That means that either gas is traded in the arboretum or it is simply not carried ... There are hardly any destinations - flying has become unprofitable and even if flying was still profitable, the ressourcen-exchange is too expensive...

In the last two years the administration has made so many changes - that there are no more meaningful strategies for a meaningful game - the administration have worsened everything and deleted all strategies by increasing prices and reducing earnings ...

It's just a strategy game where the basic basis is "resources" and therefore strategic paths should also be usable to achieve the goal of "more resources" ... It is not a flight simulation game where you can move independently of resources .. .. In short - there is no flight without resources, as the fleet also costs resources in terms of development / repair and use ...

sorry for my bad english - i hope i translated it correctly into english ... have a nice day ...
2 October 2021 14:26:53
2 October 2021 14:26:53
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Marek. instead of Reading our suggestions.
I think admins do Exact oposite. I could bet.
But the real solution is quite simple. Give people chance to fly.
make it easy and profitable. And they will do.
And such way vespene get USED instead of sold.

THIS game got miner game. wich simple means no reason to spend money.
No reason for fun. no action. no actractive game. nothing to do for people.
so they login for 30 minutes all 3 days. only.
Admins did wrong changes. saw no effect. And rise same changes more and more.
Not seeing they do oposite direction then needed. Its so stupid.
I think vaska sit in forrest - and does not see the tree anymore.
He is such FIXED in his thinking, he can not push a reset buttom. And all get more and more bad.
Because at start he had some SUCCESS with his direction.
He is unable to see he crossed the Point of MMAs long time.
2 October 2021 15:35:10
2 October 2021 15:35:10
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Basically I do not make any suggestions .. on the contrary - I mention all possible deteriorations and try to fight against them ... but the administration is not so easy to convince .... The administration has simply made its changes secretly and unannounced - and we are allowed to do so afterwards discuss it and ask you to take this shit back - and it costs us more HC every time ...
Many of the changes did not come from suggestions, but in the imagination of the administration to earn more money through price increases ...

Believe me, it is very troublesome .... I understand you really well .... Even if we're not friends, we are players with the same desires - a playable game ... I will try to argue again on the Russian forum at the Top100 soon to reverse some of the deteriorations .... I can't promise if it will help .... :-(
2 October 2021 16:52:12
2 October 2021 16:52:12


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