Open voting: implement black hole network?

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Total voted: 6.

black hole web, new black hole web changed every week

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A system of black holes could be implemented, so that weekly a certain number of suns (x,x,0) would become black holes, which would allow traveling through the entire huge universe quickly, every week the holes change coordinates. This system worked very well in an old game called Empire universe since it allows interaction between remote areas that are otherwise very expensive to reach and adds a great load to the gameplay.
7 August 2022 12:25:14
7 August 2022 12:25:14
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A game function like this already exists, called wormholes

And in a way, blackholes also exists, the entire system of planets disappears along with the sun)
8 August 2022 03:26:30
8 August 2022 03:26:30
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Yes, I know about wormholes, the idea is the same but with an authentic functional network of black holes, not these wormholes that mysteriously appear at the convenience of those who know, the idea is enough holes so that, for example, by combining 3 jumps you can travel to a large part of the inhabited galaxy without actually having to travel more than 50 systems. This would really breathe new life into the game, you can interact with all the players, not just those from your small area of ​​influence
8 August 2022 12:05:03
8 August 2022 12:05:03


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