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Open voting: All of you facing this issue on 13 AUG 2022 at server time 07.20AM ?

YES, - 17 (74%: I0_0I, gugulica33, Ohnjay, StaryjLis, MIKIM, Jimmi, Kyrios, Pupkozavr, litboss, Trichoglossus, Airine, MaranAta, TheCollective, Jaq, NovaRaider_2nd, JayKayDK, Jolly_Roger)

- 0 (0%)

NO. - 0 (0%)

- 0 (0%)

If the developers want to make changes ensure that any changes are free of issues, - 4 (17%: Jimmi, Trichoglossus, TheCollective, SVAROGage)

- 0 (0%)

The developers need not to ensure that any changes are free of issues. - 2 (9%: Jimmi, TheCollective)

Total voted: 29.
Responsible: N/A  

Fleet visibility, Now all our fleets are missing, or not engaging target

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The user on whose account the problem was detected:

Coordinates: Missing from flight coloumn ( All over the Universe ) ,

Not engaging the target ( [441:149:9],,,

Date or time of the incident (according to server time): 13 AUG 2022, 07.20 AM

The fleets that were sent on 13 AUG 2022 around 07.20AM server time were not visible on Galaxy Mode or in Fleets Path Coloumn and also there were not enganing targets instead simply the message appears that ( The battle is finished with the win of the defender`s side or The battle finished with draw)

Actions required to repeat the problem: If Developers want to make changes ensure that any changes are free of issues.

Third class award

Third class award

This award can be exchanged for fleet award. It is issued for assistance in addressing bugs in game.

Reward issued by: Victoria

13 August 2022 07:43:06
13 August 2022 07:43:06
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It is everyone due to poor implementation of latest change by Developers.
13 August 2022 08:06:38
13 August 2022 08:06:38
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Have the same problem....fleet goes out to pirates....and returns with no battle having taken place....
13 August 2022 09:14:18
13 August 2022 09:14:18
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It was a serious problem on Saturday, but it is fixed already. We apologize for the inconviniences.
15 August 2022 13:18:21
15 August 2022 13:18:21


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