Open voting: Do we need such an artifact?

1. Yes, we are interested in such an artifact, and it will not interfere with the implementation of the gameplay - 15 (88%: mirotvorec73, kaa86, 123514, Darkside, RolandA, filipi, stihl2002, Wargod, zemlyanin_, Blackbird-SR71, sacura, krick, Soulfly, Metropol, Arina)

2. No, such an artifact is redundant, we are not interested in the forced process of summoning pirates and relics, both in our own and in enemy territory - 2 (12%: SeksSimvolMira, Дэф)

Total voted: 18.

New item and new artifact, Introduction to the game artifact - incinerator

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Artifact - Ashbringer (items "Dark Matter" and "Royal Wand")

Can be foundin exp, can be builtfrom the drawing (also found in the exp) and objects to it:
minerals - 3,000,000 units.
Vespen - 5,000,000 units
Subject «energy charge» (It is formed in the wreckage when a unit of the Thoss fleet is destroyed as a random number from 0 to a hundredth of the points of the fleet unit, rounded down.) - 200 units.
Item "Dark matter» (It is generated in the wreckage when a unit of the Thoss fleet is destroyed as a random number from 0 to a hundredth of the points of the fleet unit, rounded down.) - 500 units.
Item "royal wand» (It is formed in the wreckage when a unit of the Xerj fleet is destroyed, namely the queen, usurper, leviophane, lex and gigoteni, as a random number from 0 to a hundredth of the points of the fleet unit, rounded down.) - 5 units.
Item "artifact diamond» - 2 ed.

Description of the artifact "Incinerator"
This artifact was formed as an element of the lighthouse of relics, created on the principles of dark matter. It was installed in the flagships of the relics, in order to search for their ships calling for help. The artifact is carried by a fleet that allows the transportation of artifacts. The fleet of players on board which has this artifact - a team appears on the sun of any system (0 coordinates) - "Calling Relics".

If you fly to the selected coordinate and press this command, the sun becomes dark and blinking. It is no longer possible to cancel the command.
After the start of the command, the algorithm finds 30 planets within a radius of 30 systems from a given coordinate, with the highest resource production, 10 of them are sent:
– evisceration stations with the “Domination” command or an OPS of any pirate from 5000 points of statistics, while the objects of the pirates take the entire daily production of the player’s resource where they are in domination. Players can cut them down, either destroy them with a ram, or capture them (if it is an OPS).
On the resource plundered from the player, the relic will build a battle fleet right at the station, which will attack the nearest (within 10 systems) players (those within 30 systems from the beacon installation point), so these stations will have to be demolished. The defense at the relic station must be set up so that it can withstand an attack of 20 gigotenes as part of an additional 40k rapid-fire fleet (with all combat techs equal to level 20). It is possible to capture such OPS, and the resource in them will be 3 times more than in those arriving on a mission (with an increase in the player's stat).

-Every 10 systems najibators with springboards are placed through which a fleet of pirates constantly arrives attacking any fleet that is flying at the pirates that is on the planets.
– Occupation by a relic of this territorylasts 30 days (unless the player has previously destroyed all relic objects).
– The next attack on the same planets and the fleet flying from these planets is possible onlyafter 1 month after the expiration of the previous command. That is, if someone activates the same artifact nearby, then its effect will spreadwithin 30 systems only on those objects and fleets that were not previously affected by the previous command. During the period of the command, a pirate can attack objects (planet, lunar objects, OPS) no more than 1 time in 24 hours, from the moment the attack is interrupted (occupation). To the fleet outside of these facilities - an unlimited number of times.
- The wreckage from the fleet of the relic and pirates fall out according to the rules for the loss of resources from the wrecked fleet.
– The attacking pirate fleet willfrom 5,000 to 80,000 eyes According to statistics, in case of breaking through the defense on the player's planet, the pirate takes away resources according to the generally established algorithm for the player when attacking the planet.
- The pirate does not touch players who fall under the protection of beginnersup to 25,000 eyesstatistics, except for the players in not the law.
-10% chance for any pirate temple to spawn within this area

Thus, players will be able to:
1. Call the pirates yourself if they are sure they can handle it
2. Call additional OPS (regardless of the completed or not yet completed or not yet completed task associated with the arrival of the OPS), the duration of which will be greatly underestimated (30 days) and the defense on them will be greatly overestimated.
3. Undermine the enemy's defenses if this team is called on their territory.
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