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Human Quest 6 Broken Because of Fog of War, Bugged quest

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The user on whose account the problem was detected:

Pirate capital

Date or time of the incident (according to server time):
Fog of war update

Human quest 6, requires the player to transport resources to 4 pirate capitals. Because of the update, it is now impossible for the majority of players to reach these capitals as the fog of war obscures the capital planet.

Moreover, I see no means of a workaround or solution for any player under 100k points. So even if there was some recon module..... it wouldnt help players in the target point range.

Actions required to repeat the problem:
-Reach quest chain 6 on humans to deliever resources to pirates
-click on a pirate to see their capital coords
-observe the emptiness of space

15 August 2023 22:18:57
15 August 2023 22:18:57
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One of my friends just said to me: "I created a new account, you get to see 1 galaxy. How on earth are you supposed to progress, never mind do all the quests, or relocate if you are next to a person who keeps attacking you? I was going to raise it as a bug, but you need 5 hydarian."

This may not be a bug technically, but it frustrates the typical new player encountering any of the problems he mentioned and drives him asway. I consider it a bug (an extention of the bug reported by the original poster in this thread).

Also, on a side note, quite a few of my friends who used to play this game have left since this update.

Sorry if any of my comments are off-topic or irrelevant to this thread, I am new to the forums.
17 August 2023 11:21:39
17 August 2023 11:21:39
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PiusThePurifier, no bug.
You must first send the fleet to the high orbit of the needed planet (the visibility of this planet will appear). Then you can send the fleet to the planet with the desired order.
20 September 2023 10:38:07
20 September 2023 10:38:07


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