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Artifacts accompanying fleet disappearing.

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See picture.

Description: i sent part of my mobile fleet through a jump gate, artifacts are simply too valuable for any defences in this game to be able to protect them, so i store them in expedition or on jumpgates with my mobile fleet that holds all my resources if they are transitioning between planets. Most of the time this is on jump gates. Often times the artifacts disappear when fleets leave the planet or object in question (whether they have the artifact in the hold or not) They usually re-appear after i refresh the page or wait a small amount of time and then refresh the page. I came in on one gate and then moved to anthor gate i am not sure if they disappered on landing on the in gate or in transit to the out gate. They are gone though, no warning, no confirmation, no nothing just gone. All of the completely useless items i had picked up in recycling were still present the only thing that disappered was the two ruby artifacts and the one amber artifact. There is no logical reason for this to happen, virtually every ship i use in my expedition fleet/resource fleet is investigators they all have a cargo capacity well in excess of 50k. I tried scanning both gates that i was on and its not on eithier of them, my assumption is that the game somehow deystroyed them while i moved from one gate to anthor by leaving them behind or when my secound fleet arrived at the out gate with other resources or when i tried to send some resources back to one of my bases. (they were meeting a secound mobile pirate hunting fleet on the out gate they headed to.) At the very least it should be automatic that artifacts always have highest priority in the holds of ships.

I am very sad as it took me months to get these 3 artifacts and they are just gone for no reason at all there was more than enough cargo space for them at the start, end and the intermediate points they just vanished. Which as i said is normal for me, they always vanish when a fleet lands or departs where the artifacts are stored at, but this time they didnt reappear after refreshing the page.

Actions required to repeat the problem:
Put artifacts in mobile fleet and then move the fleet around until game decides to delete them and ruin your day.

18 December 2023 03:50:33
18 December 2023 03:50:33
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Artifacts were dropped when you send 27 investigators six minutes before you make new jump. You had to see an alert message before you send 27 investigators.
Not a bug.
26 February 2024 20:01:48
26 February 2024 20:01:48


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