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human race 34 109 players
34 109 players
2272 players
9080 players

Brief summary of space exploration

Allocation of races in the universe

Humans - 34 109

Xerjs - 9080

Tosses - 2272

human race75.0%



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Space fleets in flight

Defense 213 420
Expedition 25 245
Colonization 3799
Recycling 2568
Transport 2081
Deploy 1768
Planetary destruction 1496
Attack 1146
Occupation 349
Delivery 258
Collect the goods 74
Devouring 35
Espionage 17
Destroy 9
Metal mine contamination 8
Refinery contamination 7
Joint attack 5
Mineral mine contamination 4
Lab contamination 1
Missile аttack 1

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