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Topic: Colonization Time | 22 August 2022 15:58:36
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I actually think 8 hours is too long as well. I liked the 5 minute thing to check out a planet. What are we, 3 years old? I can't sit here and play this game 24 hours a day.
Topic: Energy! Just a thought | 11 June 2022 19:58:51
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Considering in the current state of the world as we know it. Battery powered cars, trucks, homes.. etc. Would it be such a stretch to be able to make a Battery supply ship where it can load excess energy to either be stored or even sold on bestiary's?

Benefits -
1 - If your planet gets blown up and you lose all your satellites, you might have backup battery's to temporarily restore your manufacturing until you rebuilt your sats
2 - You could sell your excess energy on the bestiaries
3 - Energy supply ships rather than destroying them, they could be either destroyed or hijacked and taken back to your home planet with your fleet after a battle.

4 - Side note, rather than destroying non-combatant ships.. Such as recyclers and transports and even satellites.. why not give the attackers a choice of hijack or destroy before even sending a fleet.

Edit - I am sure many of you may scoff at the idea of hijacking, or ransoming ship.. but it could add a nice dimension to the game. Seems like every fight pretty much ends in either one side completely dead or a time out. I kind of think of giving a check box option to either scuttle "destroy", Hijack "Ransom" or take ownership of non-combatant ships would be kind of neat or maybe some rendition of what I am speaking of.

When you think of how pirates back in the 1400's. Pirates flew two types of flags - Black flag, Merciful and they would not kill everyone upon surrender and then Red Flag, Everyone dies!

Just a thought.


Topic: Discounts Special Offers | 29 March 2022 23:19:31
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DjSoulJammer, Honestly, I think Free Vacation mode should be allowed for anyone for the duration of this time of need in Ukrain & Russia. Obviosly Ukrain is the most damaged, however, the Economy in Russia is also being pummelled. Those of us that can continue play will, but I think it would be a nice gesture of xcraft to just make vacay mode free for a few months. Seems like the right thing to do.
Topic: Still not happy | 16 January 2022 20:32:29
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Those of you that know me, I do things to make a point. I have re-activated my premium subscription to show VAL that I am willing to pay.. at least for a month if the game makers are willing to re-consider the gate nerf. I am giving them a month to consider the benefits of having the extra revenue to make the game better. If you are unwilling to consider this or meet us in the middle. I will more than likely amend my subscription back to nothing again.
Topic: Tutorial | 8 November 2021 06:21:41
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Val, who are you talking to? Surely you know by now. Anyone coming into the game now is being told to run and don't look back.

You really need to do a few other things before trying to bring in new players.
Topic: If you have invested more than $1000 in the game | 7 November 2021 06:01:15
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SusiS, My bad, I see it now. I forgot. You have to be a premium member to be in the senate. I turned that off. I still want to see the senate dictate the rules to the game rather than a single emperor.
Topic: If you have invested more than $1000 in the game | 6 November 2021 11:13:43
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If you have invested over $1000 USD in this game. Will you consider putting anymore contributions toward it in its current state with what has been applied to its overall player base?

hunts, see my poll.. somebody could probably write it better than me.. hopefully you can see what i am trying to do

BigBug, I get you. Hence a senate that is voted on. Where we all know that he would never be voted into the senate. :)
Topic: The players have spoken - We are the senate | 6 November 2021 10:46:45
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Let me lay it out simply to you Vasily. We will no longer play your game until adhere to our policy.

Demands are simple -

1. You step down and relinquish your power to a level of only "an opinion" That is it.
2. Reinstate the Senate and adhere to the votes of the player base
3. Bring production levels back up to a positive level of playability and prosperity and then some.
4. Bring gate distances back to 25k levels with no surcharge for usage.

Additional needs

5. Bring up to the reinstated senate new ways of bringing prosperity to the game including bonus' for creating alliances with other nations (aka alliances of more than 500k rank members) these can be defined later.
5a above being said.. you can't make an alliance of 50 members of all less than 25k rank members.. they would have to all be working members of a tride.. if you want to have more than one account.. well, they better be working toward the betterment of the game also.. or they are gone.
6. Consider other means of revenue for the game.. Casino's, do something with pirating,, develop a few more things in the game...
7. Allow us to possibly sell off our moons or gates or whatever we have.

There are a number of things that you can do in this game to increase the games popularity rather than trying to feed off of your dwindling loyalty base.. however, if you keep trying to feed off of what you only have.

You will be left by your lonesome.

Kind regards,


*edit* This is just but a simple draft and most of the above is NON-Negotiable. I hope you understand this. At this point, you could blow up all our gates and it really would not matter. Because, you have already done it 3 times now. Vas, NOBODY TRUSTS YOU! YOUR NAME IS MUD. You have trashed your name in the Internet community now. Not even god himself can save you other than him, in the after life. Your fucked in other words. Well done sir. Once the true leaders of this company catch wind of what you have done to this prospering game and destroyed its player base.. You will either be a hero or fired. God bless ya.. One hell of a gamble.
Topic: Farewell and notes | 2 November 2021 17:22:50
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To: Jackals Alliance - My first love. Aristaeus and crew, to this day - I still love the alliance and what it stands for. "The development of new players" Many such as myself were adopted by the Jackal alliance by its previous leaders, but as you know. Players do grow out of newbieness and they move on. It has always made me sad that the "Big Five" have never given this alliance has never been given its proper respect for what it truely contributes to the player base. I will continue to always think of my "Jackals" as my good friends.

To: Chem Brothers - My second love affair - Although some rocky starts and some coercion they finally made me theirs. Tis the way of war and conquest. Although, I love many of the members in Chem broz, I was deceived by them and forced to join them after several months of pummeling. However, once I did join them I was treated well and restored from many of the losses I took fighting the inevitable. Ultimately though, they had a falling out with the CZT and while I felt I was part of the Chembroz. I knew it was more of a forced decision to join by coercion.

To: CZT - My current and hopefully last resting place - Similar to the CB, I was not really forced to join them. I was given options because the core of my Jump gate network was in the heart of their territory. Quite honestly, I understood why it was a either join them or they would destroy my level 5 jump gate at the time, not an option to me. However, they could not afford to have a gate of that magnitude in the middle of their territory unless it was part of their alliance. The CZT and my recruiter Jon Poppers, explained to me that I could do one of the following: 1. Join them, 2. Drop the Chem Brothers tag, but they would still destroy my level 5 gate and after that no more attacks unless I threatened their members, or 3. leave the area. I chose number ONE. Since I have joined them, they respected my love of the Jackals and they ceased attacking them. In addition I made many friends with the "Tehb aka Shadow" and through that alliance the Jackal alliance was mostly left alone.

All of that being said, I have made tons of friends. I have many trade partners and many mini-agreements with players in the game. I have used trade agreements with so many players in this game because I had built up a very large jump gate network. Some people consider me as the "highway man". My 4 hub Jump gate network I have used to also help players get along in this game. However, the way the Emperor has changed things "VAS" He has single handedly eliminated all of this negotiation power from players to whatever diabolical simple stupid game he has now. Now we can no longer evolve this game to the culture that we all like. We might as well call this game "VasleyCraft" Originally it was "Xcraft" The X being us, that is gone now.

While I would like to say that I quit. I can't do that to you all. So, I will maintain a limited monitoring play level in the game as I really can not develop my game anymore. I won't contribute any more money to the game and have since the reduction of production and 67% reduction of gate distance. I really see no point in being highly active in the game. My fleets are all in a never ending state of expedition, which is lame.

I wish I could say I enjoy the game, but now I am only in it because I like all of you. Both friends and foes.

Take care,

Topic: Gate radius reduced to 10000, depletion increased | 1 November 2021 17:25:39
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I had a feeling they were going to jack with the gates again. I knew we could not trust them, which is why I haven't spent a dime on this game since I cancelled my premium when all this started.

Now we can't even produce Ves to even do basic pirate hunting and we certainly can not produce enough to do any sort of research or upgrades to building.

Game stagnation at its finest right here.

Cheers Everyone!

VasyaMalevich, В 18 году когда несколько человек контролировали весь сектор вам удалось обрушить товарооборот в 15 раз. Даже интересно что у вас получится в этот раз когда мы 3 года боремся с монополиями. Прогнозирую что не потребуется даже ввод государственных дендрариумов.

Также мы снизили торговые комиссии в разы, так что давайте ребята, удачи вам. Добивайте своего тухлеющего левиафана повсеместного доминирования. Даже если какой-нибудь альянс "Тень" запретит торговлю другие более мелкие альянсы возвысятся за счёт этого.

Not true, you are going about this completely wrong. What you could have done was give bonus' to smaller alliances to help increase their competitiveness. Rather, you chose to punish every single alliance in the Galaxy. Bad choice, bad decision making. Next time do a SWOT analysis before you make a big move and it would serve you better if you included the Senate is such Irrational decision making.

You didn't, and so you have a revolt going on and many of us are cutting off guaranteed revenue because of it. Myself included. Enjoy your loss of revenue, just like we are enjoying the things that you have taken away from us.

Enjoy your game, you may end up being the only one playing it soon.



FYI - SWOT analysis is Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. It is the first basic four quadrant model any business should use before going forward with a development or change to a companies approach to changes. But what the hell do I know, I only have a degree in business administration. :D
Topic: Gate Theft | 3 September 2021 03:02:46
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Igor68, Yes sir, no more money for them. Only way to get them to listen is by using the power of money.
VasyaMalevich, They cut gate range by 60%, rendering many of them worthless now. Unacceptable
Topic: Gate Theft | 1 September 2021 01:59:02
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You want to steal from me "YOU Powers that be!, try this shit" I'm done till you undo your bullshit.

You want it to be 10k Ckm's/level, that is fine! Adjust my range on what I invested in. My level 6 gate was 189k ckm's, upgrade it to level 19. Because that is what I paid for and invested in. My level 4's need to be 132k or level 13's now, my level 3's need to me 99k ckm's or level 10's, my level 2's need to 66k ckms or level 7's and my level 1's need to be level 3's now.

This is what I paid for and I invested in. Stripping 60% of my range without notice is bullshit and complete thievery.

If you don't want to do that. Then give me my money back!
Well, considering I have invested a significant amount of time and money in building my gates for my alliance and myself, now they pull this crap. My level 6 gate dropped from 187k ckm's to 75k. So, I am not going to complain anymore than this post right here.

One of the few things I enjoyed about the game was building my super highways. I have a level 6, 2 level 4's, 2 level 3's and multiple level 2's and 1's, all of which have cost me a tremendous amount of rss and money to build them.

Until, my gates are returned back to their previous distances or all my gates are upgraded to their previous distances. Make them level 18's and etc, whatever you have to do. To make me whole again. You will have lost my continuous revenue stream.

I will not be stolen from. I trusted this game maker with my hard earned money, if this is how I am going to be treated. Say GOOD BYE TO ANYMORE MONEY FROM ME.

Thank you!,



That is just fine if you want to balance the game to protect the weak from the strong. However, those of us that invested significant amounts of money and resources to build what we have. Reimburse us all of the HC's that were spent to build them. This is blatant theft.
Topic: Announcement! Alliance leader elections | 6 February 2021 21:16:11
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Why is it this way. Can we not give Bank leaders a chance like 14 days to transfer resources out and give them time to relocate to a new location?
Topic: I have a major Problem - black hole | 20 November 2020 06:07:30
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Marek, OKAY, apparently nothing I have said has any merit. Owners/programmers I have tried and tried. You had a shot at making a change.. Time will tell. Later. :)
Topic: I have a major Problem - black hole | 12 November 2020 08:43:01
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Marek, And I clearly prove that you are equally as stupid as me, by your standards. Heywoodjablome, said it even better than even us both. Make it a null field that requires user input. Otherwise you get an error. Just like we do everything time we try to send a fleet to a pirate that we do not have the vespine for.

Marek, Do you know what sequel is? That is basic old school speak for foolean language //... delete
Topic: I have a major Problem - black hole | 11 November 2020 02:46:00
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Marek, You don't need to answer this if you don't want to. The topic is not over for me until it is over. You're still trying to say I made the mistake and never considered it being a glitch in either the game or the internet. You say I spend to much money arguing an issue that has plenty of merit that would protect players from themselves, the internet or a possible glitch in the front in.

It is not difficult to type in 999 hours, but it is not hard to type in 24 either.
It has nothing to do with chess, if something happens that is out of our control, at least we would be protected by a 999 default rather than a 24 hour default.
I am not playing chess as you like to say. I am suggesting a remedy to a problem that could make the game better for everyone, including the admins of the game.
I am suggesting a solution to an ongoing issue with the game that requires zero recoding. It is a simple default setting.
I recommend you keeping an open mind to what I have said over and over through this entire thread. Yet, you continue to put it on me as some sort of un-attentive player that only gets mad when things do not go my way. That is not the case.

Topic not over for me. You know I am right and you just don't want to be the guy across the table from me knowing that. They could easily fix this. This is still a stupid problem to have.
Topic: I have a major Problem - black hole | 10 November 2020 02:36:22
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Marek, "Besides, you are not particularly smart - because if the administration publishes your flight data, then every raider knows where to find your fleet, when, at what times and habits ... The enemy then knows all your objects and fleet size and where and when you are it is useful - even then your active playing time."

It doesn't matter if they showed my patterns because the ships are lost.

Why is it so hard or difficult to change the default from 24 hours to 999? We all know that by doing that, it would diffuse this whole issue. Sure, some might actually have to adjust the hour setting down to something they could afford. However, leaving it where it is now certainly leaves the chance of a operator error or a possible internet glitch. They might actually get a HUGE thank you if they did this.

This is a no-brainer simple solution for a problem that does occur on a regular basis. Whatever though, keep on telling yourselves that this is the correct response if that is what helps you all sleep at night.