The players have spoken - We are the senate, If you don't listen to us - no more revenue

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Let me lay it out simply to you Vasily. We will no longer play your game until adhere to our policy.

Demands are simple -

1. You step down and relinquish your power to a level of only "an opinion" That is it.
2. Reinstate the Senate and adhere to the votes of the player base
3. Bring production levels back up to a positive level of playability and prosperity and then some.
4. Bring gate distances back to 25k levels with no surcharge for usage.

Additional needs

5. Bring up to the reinstated senate new ways of bringing prosperity to the game including bonus' for creating alliances with other nations (aka alliances of more than 500k rank members) these can be defined later.
5a above being said.. you can't make an alliance of 50 members of all less than 25k rank members.. they would have to all be working members of a tride.. if you want to have more than one account.. well, they better be working toward the betterment of the game also.. or they are gone.
6. Consider other means of revenue for the game.. Casino's, do something with pirating,, develop a few more things in the game...
7. Allow us to possibly sell off our moons or gates or whatever we have.

There are a number of things that you can do in this game to increase the games popularity rather than trying to feed off of your dwindling loyalty base.. however, if you keep trying to feed off of what you only have.

You will be left by your lonesome.

Kind regards,


*edit* This is just but a simple draft and most of the above is NON-Negotiable. I hope you understand this. At this point, you could blow up all our gates and it really would not matter. Because, you have already done it 3 times now. Vas, NOBODY TRUSTS YOU! YOUR NAME IS MUD. You have trashed your name in the Internet community now. Not even god himself can save you other than him, in the after life. Your fucked in other words. Well done sir. Once the true leaders of this company catch wind of what you have done to this prospering game and destroyed its player base.. You will either be a hero or fired. God bless ya.. One hell of a gamble.
6 November 2021 10:46:45
6 November 2021 10:46:45


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