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Topic: Looting penalty | 22 August 2017 09:43:12
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Yes, the penalty applies to your entire raiding matter which planet you launch from. Consider it a tax on your raiding.

And yes, each raid "falls off" after 30 days.... so if you rob someone on 1 May, in 30 days it will fall off your record and not count toward your total anymore. Of course, they all add in, so if you loot a lot on one day... it's gonna be there for 30 days.

Increasing your mining production is good to produce res, sure.... but it also increases the amount you can loot without penalty. I don't know the fact, the admin may have never made it public... but your looting limit without penalty is tied to some percentage of your production, in "unires" (convert everything to vespene). By increasing your mine production, you can loot more without penalty
Topic: Looting penalty | 22 August 2017 05:56:22
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Each looting transaction (robbery) "falls off" after 30 days... so it is a constantly revolving calculation.

You can increase your production (mining) in order to increase the amount you can loot without penalty
Topic: picture | 21 August 2017 04:30:01
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Go to your profile (the one that shows the generic picture and your points, and any medals you have) and click on Edit the Information. Once this expands, you can see a place to browse to the picture you want to use as your avatar
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Interesting....but what about those of us who cannot access the Google Play store from our location? Is the app available as a direct download (apk)?
Topic: Menu Fleet cannot warn about enemy on coordinates | 4 February 2017 12:17:55
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Regarding Telepathist: Is this officer a monthly subscription (like 150 HC per month) or is it a 1 time purchase (like Protector is)?
Topic: Rules about players with multiple accounts | 16 December 2016 00:22:47
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Hi Xanti,

I'm not an admin or fact, I'm a player just like yourself. I, too, have seen others playing multiple accounts - some seemingly with utter abandon to the ethics and order of the game.

Having more than one account is permitted, so long as any player does not have more than one account of one race. That is, players can have 3 accounts, total (my understanding, Admin, please confirm), so long as they are 1 account each of Terran, Xerj, and Toss.

Here is a link to the rules:

Specifically, see Section 5 Accounting Terms

Fly safe, and happy playing :D
Topic: Group lock was increased | 4 December 2016 18:23:30
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Я понимаю. Только 3 раундов, чтобы достичь цели, а затем атаковать другие цели обычно (Google)

Topic: Group lock was increased | 4 December 2016 16:24:23
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Does that mean that we can only control the fleet manually starting in the 3rd round now?
Topic: Fight against spam attacks, alliance bank | 1 December 2016 20:19:16
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I can understand (and maybe even support) the notion of having the "spam" attacks not available or not extending the battle. But what constitutes "attack power much more than attacking fleet"?

As you know, that is frequently how moons are formed, by having alliance members or friends crash their fleet into a strong planet defense. Does this mean that we can no longer form moons this way?

Please give more detail as to what "much more" really means.

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Are you kidding!? You have basically blinded everyone who isn't >5M points...
Topic: Alliances version 3.0 | 22 November 2016 19:20:32
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Not the greatest idea... Why would any alliance want a published list of members??? What benefit could that possibly serve them? Yes, it is interesting to know what members are in OTHER alliances (I guess...) but to publish one's own alliance seems like an invitation for trouble
Topic: offensive user name | 20 November 2016 04:04:28
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Hey man, they even have an Al Qaeda alliance here....
Topic: News from balance editor | 24 October 2016 21:04:18
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OK, so once again the developers have seen fit to make it harder for us to protect our fleets... all in the name of "balance".

Can someone, ANYONE, provide a REASONABLY SANE explanation as to how this improves balance in a game where the "big guns" have so much fleet that they don't think about FAS anyway? WHY is it that the developers seem so intent on making it hard to protect our ships?

Rather than complain, however, how about this. I spent 2000 HC to get Protector level 20. In the course of time since then, they reduced his FAS capacity first to 900 points per lvl, and now to 750 points per level. That represents a 25% drop in FAS capacity. Accordingly, how about giving me my 500 HC back, then? (25% of 2000)
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Woo hoo! Now my Viking is almost as fast as the Destroyer. At least on short distances....

Seriously, what is the point of killing ship speeds? I know, the original post said "(to) control instant attacks", but that doesn't really make much sense. Isn't that why we build fast ships and upgrade their experimental studies and invest in technology... so we have faster fleets for fast/surprise attacks? Or so that we can send ships to defend very quickly, should one of our allies need help?

Now, the flight times are so long (granted, not as long as it was years ago, apparently) that it's cumbersome and - perhaps worse - boring. What was wrong with the speeds a few days ago that resulted in this change, that apparently is extremely unpopular among the players? I haven't heard from a single player that is in favor of this....
Topic: New cost of Protector | 1 April 2016 06:13:41
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Victoria:   So, we see that the price of Protector has increased from 50 to 100 per level.    However, we did NOT see a notice that the Protector now only covers 900 ship points per level, down from the previous 1000 points per level.

WHY are you guys constantly trying to reduce our ability to protect our fleets? 

This comes at a particularly sensitive time, considering the recent changes, which were subsequently rolled-back.  We have a 7th birthday production boost.... followed immediately by a reduction in ability to protect our fleets (not to mention the increased cost).  Why is this a constant theme here?
Topic: Black Label Expedition | 1 April 2016 02:17:44
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I got one with one fighter in expedition, if I remember correctly.  It was kind of a surprise...considering I sent such a small fleet
Topic: Waste of slots on the coordinates. | 1 February 2016 15:23:27
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Hi Victoria,

Many of us use "Occupy" as part of our income, but now holding fleets use active flight slots, severely limiting the ability of players to ACS D or Occupy while operating normal flights to and from planets or attacks.

I'm not sure why the vespen usage was cut to 0 for holding coordintates, but this change to utilize flight slots for holding fleets is much more cumbersome. I'd rather pay vespen to hold cords (like when I run my car without going anywhere) than to use flight slots.

I also imagine that many players now have a LOT of fleets in their fleet slots, as they try to quickly recall their occupations.

That being said, is it possible, instead, to introduce a technology (Research) that will increase the number of holding fleets? This would be much like computer tech (which increases flight slots), but specifically for holding/ACS D/Occupy coordinates.

Just a thought....
Topic: Announcement of reducing of FAS | 28 December 2015 10:45:09
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Wait, so we pay up for hydrarian, buy protector and THEN you reduce his effectiveness?

How about refunding our money, then?