Dear KHM

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Dear KHM, Lucian.

I\'m thankful to you for choosing our game to play and for your critics.

Recently we did reduce profit from Geologist for 1% per level and took away some donate advantages. We didn\'t want to steal from you anything, we don\'t need all this resources. We want a good balance in our game.

I\'m the administrator if this game since year 2009 and I\'m asking you to stop telling to everybody that you\'d been robbed.

We change balance often. We wrote in rules, and you accepted the rules before start playing.

Please stop telling us to not change the balance because if we stop the game would be worse.

We truly didn\'t want to make you upset with our game, but we DO NOT STEAL resources. 1% means nothing for us, we don\'t receive resources which you don\'t get.

Just stop. Let\'s make our project better without war.
25 August 2015 22:10:30
25 August 2015 22:10:30
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25 August 2015 22:11:37
25 August 2015 22:11:37
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ok 1% might mean nothing to you but means all-lot to us you want balance then make it possible that new players c ant be attacked by 50m players they provide you with cash the new players the old they just trade around and troll the new players are the ones who bring balance to the game and money to your pocket kill that like i saw many times and the game will shut down eventualy
26 August 2015 10:02:21
26 August 2015 10:02:21


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