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human race 59 971 players
59 971 players
1590 players
10 721 players

Brief summary of space exploration

Allocation of races in the universe

Humans - 59 971

Xerjs - 10 721

Tosses - 1590

human race83.0%



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Space fleets in flight

Defense 206 176
Expedition 22 033
Recycling 2720
Transport 2359
Deploy 2359
Attack 2106
Planetary destruction 1047
Colonization 1022
Occupation 560
Delivery 282
Collect the goods 85
Devouring 57
Espionage 24
Joint attack 20
Metal mine contamination 16
Mineral mine contamination 15
Refinery contamination 9
Lab contamination 6
Destroy 3

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